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Battle Lab: Command Post Exercises at Origins, The Interview

Battle Lab: Command Post Exercises at Origins, The Interview

Brant Guillory, 7 May 2019

Brant Guillory: The “Sterrett Games” at the Origins War College seem to keep growing in popularity.  Aside from the nomenclature, what can you tell us about the origins of these ‘exercises’?
Dr James Sterrett:  I struggled to figure out how to present a paper at the Origins War College that would explain how CGSC uses games for military education.  No approach worked well until I realized that the key was to stop talking about how the exercises worked – and instead to run an exercise.

BG: If I’m a new participant to this entire process, what should I expect when I walk in the door for one of these games?
JS:  You’ll get a job!  Well, at any rate, a job on a staff for the duration of the event.  Jobs include roles such as the commander, the operations officer, and the intel officer.  We’ll teach you the basics of that job, and then provide an overview of the US Army’s planning process.  Then you start to do your job: you and the others on your staff use the planning process to create a plan for the battle.  Once the plan is complete, or time runs short for planning, we transition to fighting the battle.  At the end, we run a short After Action Review, in which we try to point out things that were done well (or poorly), and to discuss some of the learning points that might have been brought out if this were run at CGSC.


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Origins 2019 Event Listings

Origins 2019 Event Listings

Armchair Dragoons Staff

This is the list of events that we’ve submitted to Origins for 2019.  There’s apparently been some difficulty in them loading events from a variety of organizations, not just ours.

As soon as our events get ID numbers assigned, we’ll get them added to the table, but for planning purposes, this is what we’re intending to run.

Please note that some events are still subject to change, and it’s possible that events listed for both LNLP and Proving Ground could be modified.

Armchair Dragoons Origins 2019 Events

Introduction to Kriegsspiel6/12/195:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Lord Cornwallis Reconsidered (WC)6/12/197:00 PM1 HrWar College
Cataclysm6/13/192:00 PM2 HrGMT Games
COIN: A Distant Plain Ð Team Game6/13/192:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Command Post Exercise-Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm6/13/191:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Commands and Colors-Medieval6/13/1910:00 AM2 HrGMT Games
Fort Sumter!6/13/1910:00 AM2 HrGMT Games
Gen Grant & the Log Foundations of Overland Campaign (WC)6/13/191:00 PM2 HrWar College
Lock N' Load Tactical:WWII6/13/1910:00 AM2 HrLNLP
Proving Ground Minis: Modern Combat6/13/1910:00 AM2 HrMinis
Sergeants! Miniatures Game6/13/1910:00 AM2 HrMinis
Cataclysm6/14/1910:00 AM2 HrGMT Games
COIN: A Distant Plain Ð Team Game6/14/1910:00 AM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Command Post Exercise-Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm6/14/196:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Commands and Colors Ð Medieval6/14/192:00 PM2 HrGMT Games
How Big for Boney? Proper Scale & Napoleonic Wargames (WC)6/14/1910:00 AM1 HrWar College
Intelligence and Fog of War on Cardboard Battlefields (WC)6/14/193:00 PM1 HrWar College
Kriegsspiel6/14/191:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Lock 'N Load Tactical:WWII6/14/192:00 PM2 HrLNLP
Proving Ground Minis: Modern Combat6/14/192:00 PM2 HrMinis
Sergeants! Miniatures Game6/14/192:00 PM2 HrMinis
Teaching Wargaming at US Army CGSC (WC)6/14/198:00 AM1 HrWar College
The Influence of Winfield Scott on the US Army (WC)6/14/191:00 PM2 HrWar College
Cataclysm6/15/1910:00 AM2 HrGMT Games
Command Post Exercise-Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm6/15/191:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Commands and Colors Ð Medieval6/15/192:00 PM2 HrGMT Games
Eyeball to Eyeball w the Soviets: Onsite Inspections (WC)6/15/1910:00 AM1 HrWar College
Kriegsspiel6/15/196:00 PM4 HrTeam Wargaming
Lock 'N Load Tactical:WWII6/15/1910:00 AM2 HrLNLP
On Target Simulations and the upcoming Southern Storm (WC)6/15/1911:00 AM1 HrWar College
Proving Ground Minis: Modern Combat6/15/1910:00 AM2 HrMinis
Sergeants! Miniatures Game6/15/1910:00 AM2 HrMinis
Sergeants! Miniatures Game6/15/191:00 PM4 HrMinis
So You Wanna Design a Wargame? (WC)6/15/193:00 PM1 HrWar College
Unsung Nuclear Stalwarts of the Cold War: 59th OrdBde (WC)6/15/192:00 PM1 HrWar College
Wargaming Media: State of Play (WC)6/16/1910:00 AM2 HrWar College


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Buckeye GameFest – A Convention Report, featuring Third Winter (OCS)

by Gary Mengle, 29 September 2018

For the wargamer the annual Buckeye Game Fest, held each September in Columbus, Ohio, offers a rare opportunity. While the main event, a general boardgaming extravaganza, starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, the hallowed War Room opens on Monday, and the wargaming diehards can start setting up their monster games.

This year we had three: two playtests of the in-development Third Winter for Multi-Man Publishing’s Operational Combat Series and the battle of Zorndorf from Clash of Arms’ Battles from the Age of Reason.

Third Winter is four years into its playtest and while it may not be the next OCS product made available for preorder, it’s pretty far along – basically ready to go aside from some tuning. The situation is the southern USSR in late 1943 and early 1944. Here the German forces are primarily on the defensive, unable to hold ground – but still strong enough to land some heavy counterblows, perhaps enough to draw the campaign to a stalemate. (more…)

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