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Saturday Night Fights!

Cyrano & The Guys, 12 January 2019

It’s What A Tanker! on the Tabletop Simulator, streaming live on YouTube.  You can also watch the recording once the game is over…


Thanks for watching!  We’d love to have your feedback either in the comment area below, or in our discussion forum.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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MACE 2018 Convention Report

MACE 2018 Convention Report

Narrative by Avery Abernethy; Sidebars & Photos by Brant Guillory, 17 December 2018

MACE 2018 was run November 9-11, 2018 at the Hilton close to UNC-Charlotte.  MACE is a game convention.  A well run game convention that sticks to games.  There were only four panels – meet the guests (mostly gamer people) and three workshops on building terrain and painting.  No costume contest, art show, or author panels.  MACE is games, games and more games.

MACE leans strongly towards role playing games (RPGs) and board games.  Two widely established RPG groups which run at many conventions are the D&D Adventurers League and the Pathfinder Society.  These groups had their own large room.  D&D Adventurers League ran 41 scheduled sessions and Pathfinder Society ran 44. (more…)

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Adventures in Napoleonicisms: An Auerstedt Travelogue

by Jim Owczarski, 6 October 2018

In the Summer of 2017, I spent two wonderful weeks chasing after Napoleonic glory in what was once East Germany.  I have written at length about my experience of researching and eventually visiting Jena, but have neglected to report on what I think is both one of the most pristine and most intriguing of the Napoleonic battlefields I have have been to: Auerstedt.

In this case, however, Auerstedt is sufficiently intact to have permitted me to find each of the viewing points recommended by the book and these, in turn, inform the narrative that follows.

Telling the story briefly, in October 1806, Napoleon, stealing a march on the uxorious Fredrick William III, drove his armies into Thuringia with the intent of destroying the Prussian army before it could attack.  Wrong-footed by the rapid French advance, the Prussians began a retreat from their forward positions, intending to form a new defensive line in the vicinity of Leipzig.  The Emperor, however, did not wait and his V Corps first caught up with and routed the Prussians at Saalfeld (10 October).  Then, three days later, Napoleon himself caught up with what he assumed was the main Prussian army near Jena.  He determined to attack early on the morning of the 14th, but, in the meanwhile, sent both Marshals Bernadotte and Davout on a long flank march to the North and East to cut off the likely route of the Prussian retreat. (more…)

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Buckeye GameFest – A Convention Report, featuring Third Winter (OCS)

by Gary Mengle, 29 September 2018

For the wargamer the annual Buckeye Game Fest, held each September in Columbus, Ohio, offers a rare opportunity. While the main event, a general boardgaming extravaganza, starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, the hallowed War Room opens on Monday, and the wargaming diehards can start setting up their monster games.

This year we had three: two playtests of the in-development Third Winter for Multi-Man Publishing’s Operational Combat Series and the battle of Zorndorf from Clash of Arms’ Battles from the Age of Reason.

Third Winter is four years into its playtest and while it may not be the next OCS product made available for preorder, it’s pretty far along – basically ready to go aside from some tuning. The situation is the southern USSR in late 1943 and early 1944. Here the German forces are primarily on the defensive, unable to hold ground – but still strong enough to land some heavy counterblows, perhaps enough to draw the campaign to a stalemate. (more…)

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