Dragoons Assembly 2020 ~ Events


With the loss of so money of our Summer conventions to the plague (Origins, WBC, Historicon, Adepticon, and more) we’ve decided to just hold our own convention!


Dragoons Assembly 2020 Events

Event NameEvent TypeStartsDuration (minutes)PlatformMax Tickets
Conflict of Heroes: France 1940 pre-releaseGamesFriday at 17:00180Tabletop Simulator4
Moe's Game Table - Happy Hour & Convention WelcomeSeminarFriday at 18:0090100
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: Cedar MountainGamesFriday at 18:00180VASSAL2
Lock 'n Load Tactical: AIRBORNE!GamesFriday at 19:00180Tabletopia4
World at War '85 - Storming the GapGamesFriday at 21:00180Tabletop Simulator4
Salamanca, an Epic Commands & Colors Napoleonic battleGamesSaturday at 10:00240Tabletop Simulator8
Designing the "Heroes Rising: Three Kingdoms" wargameSeminarSaturday at 10:0060100
Introduction to Wargame Design at Georgetown UniversitySeminarSaturday at 11:0060100
Lock 'n Load Tactical: AIRBORNE!GamesSaturday at 12:00180Tabletopia4
Conflict of Heroes: France 1940 pre-releaseGamesSaturday at 13:00180Tabletop Simulator4
Games & Sims for Training & LearningSeminarSaturday at 14:0090100
World at War '85 - Storming the GapGamesSaturday at 15:00180Tabletop Simulator4
Moe's Game Table - Whiskey Charlie!SeminarSaturday at 16:0060100
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: Cedar MountainGamesSaturday at 18:00180VASSAL2
SPI's TannenbergGamesSaturday at 18:00180Tabletop Simulator3
Moe's Game Table - Interview with Uwe from Academy GamesSeminarSaturday at 19:00 PM60100
Prokhorovka, an Overlord M'44 WW2 battleGamesSaturday at 20:00 PM240Tabletop Simulator8
Moe's Game Table - Interview with David from Lock 'n LoadSeminarSaturday at 21:00 PM60100
Events planned for the Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020


Thanks for joining us at the Armchair Dragoons, and thanks especially to our partners who are helping make this such a great weekend for wargaming!