Dragoons Assembly 2020 ~ Events


With the loss of so money of our Summer conventions to the plague (Origins, WBC, Historicon, Adepticon, and more) we’ve decided to just hold our own convention!

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Dragoons Assembly 2020 Events

Event NameEvent TypeStartsDuration (minutes)Platform
Conflict of Heroes - France 1940 pre-releaseGamesFriday at 17:00120Tabletopia
Moe's Game Table - Happy Hour & Convention WelcomeSeminarFriday at 19:0060YouTube
Lock 'n Load Tactical: AIRBORNE!GamesFriday at 19:00180Tabletopia
Data Curation & Conflict Simulation: The Example of HarpoonSeminarFriday at 20:0060YouTube
World at War '85 - Storming the GapGamesFriday at 21:00180Tabletop Simulator
Salamanca, an Epic Commands & Colors Napoleonic battleGamesSaturday at 10:00240Tabletop Simulator
Designing the "Heroes Rising: Three Kingdoms" wargameSeminarSaturday at 10:0060YouTube
Introduction to Wargame Design at Georgetown UniversitySeminarSaturday at 11:0060YouTube
Brave Little BelgiumGamesSaturday at 11:0060Tabletop Simulator
Learn to Play Conflict of Heroes with Academy GamesGamesSaturday at 11:0030Google Hangouts
Lock 'n Load Tactical: AIRBORNE!GamesSaturday at 12:00180Tabletopia
Coastal Defense's Influence on American HistorySeminarSaturday at 12:0060YouTube
Conflict of Heroes - France 1940 pre-releaseGamesSaturday at 13:00120Tabletopia
Games & Sims for Training & LearningSeminarSaturday at 14:0090YouTube
World at War '85 - Storming the GapGamesSaturday at 15:00180Tabletop Simulator
Moe's Game Table - Whiskey Charlie!SeminarSaturday at 16:0060YouTube
Brave Little BelgiumGamesSaturday at 16:0060Tabletop Simulator
Conflict of Heroes - France 1940 pre-releaseGamesSaturday at 17:00120Tabletopia
Forlorn Hope - Song of Drums and ShakosGamesSaturday at 17:0090Roll20
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: Cedar MountainGamesSaturday at 18:00180VASSAL
Moe's Game Table - Interview with Uwe from Academy GamesSeminarSaturday at 19:00 PM60YouTube
Prokhorovka, an Overlord M'44 WW2 battleGamesSaturday at 20:00 PM240Tabletop Simulator
Moe's Game Table - Interview with David from Lock 'n LoadSeminarSaturday at 21:00 PM60YouTube
Events planned for the Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020


Thanks for joining us at the Armchair Dragoons, and thanks especially to our partners who are helping make this such a great weekend for wargaming!