July 19, 2024

ACDC 2023 Badge Sales Now Open

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 2 January 2023


What’s on the schedule?  Here’s the current event line-up

More events are coming as the GMs submit them, so check back regularly

Event NameEvent TypeMax TicketsStartsDuration (minutes)Event Platform
Squadron Strike: Newton's Cradle Teaching GameGame Session3Friday at 10:00180ASCBI.net
Squadron Strike: Romance of the Seven Realms Teaching GameGame Session3Friday at 16:00180ASCBI.net
Boardgame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSGame Session6Friday at 16:00180Discord
World At War: Blood & FuryGame Session4Friday at 17:00240Tabletop Simulator
Judean HammerGame Session4Friday at 18:00120Tabletop Simulator
Song for War: Mediterranean TheaterGame Session4Friday at 18:00240Tabletopia
Blucher "Battle of the Mincio River" Game Session4Friday at 19:00180Tabletop Simulator
Welcome Happy HourSeminar500Friday at 19:0090YouTube
Ginormopod 2050 ADGame Session2Friday at 20:00120VASSAL
Professional Wargaming with the Center for Naval AnalysisSeminar500Friday at 21:00120YouTube
Introduction to Kriegsspiel with the IKSGame Session7Saturday at 08:00240Discord
Learn to Play Great Campaigns of the American Civil WarGame Session4Saturday at 09:00240VASSAL
Wake Up With The DragoonsSeminar500Saturday at 09:00120Discord
Point Blank: V Is For VictoryGame Session4Saturday at 10:00180Tabletop Simulator
Twilight: 2000, Roleplaying in the Future That Never WasGame Session4Saturday at 10:00240Discord
Squadron Strike: Newton's Cradle Teaching GameGame Session3Saturday at 10:00180ASCBI.net
Boardgame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSGame Session6Saturday at 10:00180Discord
Campaign: Fall BlauGame Session4Saturday at 11:00120Tabletop Simulator
Sebastian Bae & the Littoral Commander WargameSeminar500Saturday at 11:00120YouTube
Memoir '44 Operation Market GardenGame Session6Saturday at 13:00240Tabletop Simulator
Introduction to Combat CommanderGame Session12Saturday at 13:00120VASSAL
Robotech: ReconstructionGame Session4Saturday at 14:00180Tabletop Simulator
Bruce Maxwell and Air & ArmorSeminar500Saturday at 15:00120YouTube
Littoral CommanderGame Session4Saturday at 15:00180VASSAL
Introduction to Commands & Colors: AncientsGame Session12Saturday at 16:0090VASSAL
Lonely CairnGame Session2Saturday at 17:00120Tabletop Simulator
Pushing Cardboard Interviews Harold BuchananSeminar500Saturday at 17:00120YouTube
Land and Freedom: The Spanish Revolution and Civil WarGame Session3Saturday at 19:00120Tabletop Simulator
Barkmann's Corner Overdrive for "What A Tanker!"Game Session4Saturday at 20:00240Tabletop Simulator
Wake Up With The DragoonsSeminar500Sunday at 09:00120Discord
Jutland - Run To The SouthGame Session8Sunday at 10:00240Discord
Washington Naval Treaty 100th AnniversarySeminar500Sunday at 11:0060YouTube
Land and Freedom: The Spanish Revolution and Civil WarGame Session3Sunday at 12:00120Tabletop Simulator
The Inchon InvasionSeminar500Sunday at 12:0060YouTube
Sinking of USS Scorpion: History, Fact, and FictionSeminar500Sunday at 13:0060YouTube
Robotech: ReconstructionGame Session4Sunday at 13:00180Tabletop Simulator
Air & Armor Detailed Turn DemoGame Session12Sunday at 13:00120Discord
Ginormopod 2050 ADGame Session2Sunday at 14:00120VASSAL
Squadron Strike: Romance of the Seven Realms Teaching GameGame Session3Sunday at 16:00180ASCBI.net
Farewell to the ACDCSeminar500Sunday at 17:00120YouTube
Rebels and Patriots AWI for 2-4 playersGame Session4Sunday at 19:00180Tabletop Simulator


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