October 3, 2023

Conventions Are Back!

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 21 November 2021

After a year with no conventions, Veterans’ Day Weekend of 2021 say no fewer than 4 significant conventions happening around the country.

Thanks to some pandemic-related schedule shifts, plus a couple of other scheduling quirks, this weekend gave us

  • Compass Games Expo – Connecticut
  • Historicon – Pennsylvania
  • MACE – North Carolina
  • SDHISTCON – California (well, virtual, but still….)

All right on top of each other for the same couple of days.
While the Dragoons weren’t able to make it to any of these as a team, we have associates all over the place who were more than happy to share their photos with us, from all 4 conventions.

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Images from Bobby Factor & Andrew Buchholz



Images from Sebastian Bae & Merle Robinson




Images from Jeff Smith & Ron McClurg


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Images from Moe Fitzgerald & Ardwulf



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2 thoughts on “Conventions Are Back!

  1. And yes, that is Op Typhoon fanboy John Kranz walking behind them and providing the Germans his expert opinion…all for naught!

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