July 18, 2024

The ACDC Wargame Graphic Design Contest

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 3 June 2021

For the first time ever, we’re holding a graphic design contest during The ACDC, to allow all you aspiring graphics wizards to showcase your skillz (yes, with a ‘z’) and dazzle the attendees with your graphics creativity and execution.

You can do better than this, can’t you?

The ACDC Wargame Graphic Design Contest

  • The game design being used is the Landpower: GAAT game from the US Army Command & General Staff College at Ft Leavenworth. While the files are available on Boardgamegeek, the 3 key files are also available for download below.
  • Designers will have 3 items to create: a map, a set of counters, a sample set of cards (click on each link to download the PDFs). There is no need to lay out a rulebook, or the additional charts & tables. We do have the terrain chart for you to reference in your map design, but you do not need to include it in your entry.
  • The 3 files should include the entire map, the entire set of counters, and 4 different cards each from the red & blue decks (can’t submit 4 copies of the same card). Card decks should include both the front of the card, and distinctive back each for red & blue.
  • Designers will submit their files by email to dragoonsassembly – AT – gmail.com with the subject “Graphic Design Contest” and body of the email must include your full name.
  • All files must be either in PDF or JPG format, and should be at a printable resolution (minimum 150 dpi).  All file names MUST include your last name so we can keep them with the right person without having to hunt through emails to get them connected to the right entrant)
  • All submissions must be received by 10pm EDT on THU 6/17.
  • Must be a registered attendee of The ACDC to participate, so before we put the entries up for voting, we will be checking against the registration for the convention. (Register here)
  • There will be 2 different competitions: a vote among the attendees of The ACDC, and a judges’ panel, which includes folks from the wargaming industry. Attendee voting will take place on FRI/SAT of the convention, where the entries will be showcased in The ACDC Discord server, with a link to a voting page.
  • Entries will be judged on usability, creativity, artistic merit, and all-around awesomeness.
  • Entries will be discussed & praised/critiqued by the panel of judges, and winners announced, on a live broadcast at 1600 EDT on Saturday 6/19.
  • Winners will receive eternal bragging rights, their winning entries showcased at The Armchair Dragoons, and a small prize or two from the convention.

The idea here is to have some fun with this, and show off some of your design skills, and maybe catch the eye of a designer or publisher along the way. Let’s not overthink this contest and just have some fun with what you can create and share.


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7 thoughts on “The ACDC Wargame Graphic Design Contest

  1. Kudos for coming up with a good opportunity for hobbyists to showcase their skills….

    Good stuff!….

  2. Hoi Brant, so, “what if?” I had ‘created’ some ‘components’ for use within another`s ‘Game’? It is totally independent from their OWN ‘creation’ of such, and was suggested by them, no less. I will suggest strongly, that they put theirs “into the mix” for yours here, and see what they say—so said WE`uns of A-L-L “GROGnads”—oh, the ‘disharmony’ from LACKS of ‘colours’!

      1. Hoi as their “widdle wobbling warble mindset” SHALL ‘pale X palette’, for some ‘panache’, nay, ‘preposterous posterior’ DISPLAY, if able.

  3. Counters format? Have to do as in the PDF file – all units front and back one by one? Or I can make them as usually front sheet vs back sheet?

    1. Can put all the counters on sheets together, but do need to include front/back sheets. Can rearrange the countersheet layout to maximize available space, too – but don’t leave any out!

      So no, do *not* need to do every counter in a separate file.

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