Announcing the Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020

Armchair Dragoon Public Affairs Office, 29 June 2020


Armchair Dragoons is pleased to announce this Summers premier (only?!) virtual wargaming convention, the Virtual Dragoons Assembly, from 7/31 to 8/1.

36 hours of wargames, seminars, and talk shows, to help scratch that wargame convention itch, and give you a chance to try some social-distance-compliant online wargaming.

Joining us are Lock ‘n Load Publishing, Academy Games, the incomparable Moe’s Game Table, and more.

Details can be found on our site here.  Registration is handled through here.

We appreciate you visiting the Armchair Dragoons!
Please leave us your feedback in our discussion forum, or in the comment area below.
You can also find the regiment on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and occasionally at a convention near you.

Announcing the Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020

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