Unboxing One Small Step from Academy Games

Henry Vogel, 17 September 2020 ~ #UnboxingDay

Last month, Academy Games sent us a handful of promo photos for One Small Step as it still hadn’t taken a step off the boat that was bringing the games to them.  This month, we’re happy to report the game is in, and here’s a look at it!

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One Small Step 1

Just opened box


One Small Step 1-1

Well illustrated and informative rulebook


One Small Step 2

Beginner and Advanced Summary sheets


One Small Step 3

Beginner’s Overlay replaces one quadrant of the game board


One Small Step 4

Counter sheet 1


One Small Step 5

The counters are thick and easily punched out of the sheet


One Small Step 6

Counter sheet 2


One Small Step 7

Counter sheet 3


One Small Step 8

The folded board inside the box


One Small Step 9

The board in all its unfolded glory. The Beginner’s Overlay replaced the upper left quarter of the board


One Small Step 10

American and Soviet Sequence of Play boards


One Small Step 11

The box compartment will fill up once the counters are punched


One Small Step 12

Meeples and markers


One Small Step 13

Engraved wooden Satellite, Crew, and Agency dice


One Small Step 14

Event cards


One Small Step 15

Satellite Mission cards


One Small Step 16

Hazard and Advancement cards

Thanks for joining this month’s #UnboxingDay with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you enjoyed our recon of our recent acquisitions.
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Unboxing One Small Step from Academy Games

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