Author Topic: Miniatures of "Mystery"-!  (Read 2925 times)


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on: April 16, 2023, 09:23:11 PM
I'll get some photos for them eventually, while until then, here is a brief description of these. Die cast metal '5'-Tanks of varying Hulls and semi-soft plastic Turrets, '3' of a modernized 'Half-Track' possibly with mount for single 'Missile'/'Rack'/etc. '3'-6-Wheeled APCs, of being around 8mm-10mm-? Aircraft of '1'-Helicopter dual-seats akin to 'Hind 24', '1'-Jet closely resembling of some 'Euro'-design, '4'-"Turbo-Prop/Jet-Fan'" kinds-? Their 'Engines' swivel around and should indicate they fly along with those into certain 'attitudes'-? .