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on: July 30, 2021, 05:36:57 AM
'Focus On' is a new feature where we pick a popular board game or system and discuss it in some depth.

This may be a game that you have played, or maybe would like to play or, in the some cases, have the game still on the shelf in shrink. We're not pointing the finger at anyone, you know who you are!

lets hear what it is that you like or dislike about the chosen game; what do you think the game or series does well in representing its topic or historic period. Do you have any rules issues that other gamers who have more experience with the game may be able to assist with? How about any notable games you have played and any interesting (or maybe, bizarre) outcomes. Whatever it is, discuss it here.

I will create a new thread for each game in the appropriate period thread and use this thread as a directory. As we add a game, we will list it here with a link to the thread so that you can find it easily.

At present, we plan on adding a new 'Focus On' every month, and have a few titles lined up ready to go, but please feel free to offer up suggestions of games you would like to see included.

Please note that we intend to cover board games only and will not include PC games.

For our first subject, we're going to look at Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) and you can find it here;

For our next topic, we're going to look at the popular Command & Colours system;

And for this episode, we look at Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW)

This month, we are looking at 'Horse and Musket'

And the last one, for now, anyway: Old School Tactical (OST}

GMT's 194X series gets our attention;

Hexasim - Eagles of France - Vive la Emperor!

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