Author Topic: BUCK ROGERS: Countdown to Doomsday  (Read 911 times)


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Reply #15 on: June 27, 2021, 12:30:19 PM
Part 9: Doc, Does This Look Normal?

How fortunate. Space aliens gave MD a space STD so now we've found a space autodoc.

And ooo, look, an autopsy. Let's check it out, shall we?

Log of Donna Conchitez

"Made it up to sickbay. Headache has already started. Trying stimulants to kecp conscious. Activated medical scanners."

Time passes...

"The parasite has buried itself deeply in the brain. Still awake but room beginning to spin and color-cycle. Scanner information is still inconclusive."

Time passes...

"The room is twisting, shadows crawling everywhere. The scanner is laughing. Only one thing left. Surgeon! Full invasive scan of biological subject."

Mechanical voice: "Option contra-indicated. Sigma override required."

Voice near hysteria: "Override number A10151! Initiate."

The hum of machinery and suck of vacuum pumps are all that can be heard. A protein formula is printed out.

Wait, PARASITE? In the BRAIN?!?

Sounds legit, letting a robot pierce the skull to remove some wriggly parasite...

Uhhh..."Well, let's play chess?"

Of course, that's not right, so we get attacked by robot bouncers.

Repeat this event about, oh, six times as I tried my best to guess what this password is, then suddenly realized it's the operator number that we heard in a previous log entry. Once that's spoken, the autodoc immediately removes the source of MD's woes and ensures the rest of us are protected from further infections.

*Autodoc takes ten seconds to heal everyone*

*Robot voice: "That will be six million credits, please.*

After several more ambushes by vicious Gennies, as well as wandering aimlessly now that there's no real threat of infection from whatever's in the air here, we stumble into a computer room.