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Author Topic: Submarine density and other, perhaps, interresting WW2 naval ASW facts  (Read 1603 times)


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Hi all!

Just happened to find this while browsing the internet of information regarding to atlantic convoys during WW2. Someone else might find it interresting too. So, without further ado...

(Those interrested particularly in submarine density can jump to chapter 9 directly. BTW, I use the term "submarine density" as a joke as I never had heard/read the term before seeing this document)

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Hoi, and had you ever heard for some comparisons about the K.M.S.'U-Boots' or 'Commerce Raiders Conversion Transport' having the 'Best Kill Per Vessel Ratio'? I have with them 'Commerce'-types being accorded overall 'Best' at this! I do believe there were ONLY '10' for the latter, so, sure it's somewhat 'skewed' towards thus.

EDIT: located a 'Model Kit' of this purported "Q"--Ship sort. Not certain if any others existed?-('Model Kits')
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Recall made an Atlantis German raider, oh must have been in the sixties.
As I recall, there was a movie on the Atlantis starring Van Heflin?  The kit may have been some kind of tie in to the movie.

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