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4X Gaming / Re: ZEPHON, a Post-Apocalyptic 4X
« Last post by Martok on June 11, 2021, 11:54:46 PM »
Proxy Studios did a community AMA, answering questions regarding both Gladius and ZEPHON. 

Due to technical issues, the video is a bit hard to listen to at times.  Fortunately, a helpful Redditor named Steelpoint was kind enough to post some of the highlights: 


    *  When can we expect Alpha/Beta access for Zephon?

Not anytime soon. Want to ensure the game is in a good place before opening it up to the public, to avoid souring people's opinions on the game.

    *  Will Zephons diplomacy system attempt to be unique compared to standard 4x diplo?

It is more narrative and immersion focused, but also has more conventional aspects such as alliances or trading. Game uses 'influence' resources that allow you to push your own agendas. The diplomacy system is oriented so that all the factions are on edge and highly cautious, and that successfully allying with a faction will be difficult but should be something the player feels proud of if they accomplish it

    *  Will there be plans for future DLC for Gladius 1?

Cannot reveal or promise anything (do state there's another DLC releasing soon), motivation to do more content. Three big 'concepts' they have for the game.

    *  Will game feature an overarching game mode, such as a campaign or global strategic map?

Focus is on the main game world, majority of the game should take place in a single "scene". There is an event/quest system which abstracts disasters or global events. Objective of the game is to immerse the player into the world, instead of feeling like a 'god looking down'

    *  For Gladius 1, do you think there are major balance issues that need/should be addressed?

Devs think the game is decently balanced as it is. Aware there are some balance and meta issues. Some new changes incoming with a patch soon, includes new content.

    *  How did your vision for Gladius change from when it started to the final product? We were pretty close to our vision.

We did initially wanted the Imperium to be a single faction that splits up later on. Our goal was to have eight major factions, which we did reach eventually. Not quite happy with the way the quests turned out.

    *  Will Zephon have a strong PvP aspect to it?

We want to give players the option to change the game to better suit their interests, so PvP oriented players have the option to disable functions like diplomacy or events

Factions will have very broad tech trees, unlike Gladius. Giving players a lot of options to chose how to develop their technology. You could focus more on cybernetics, or decide to focus on mystical monster technology, or classical human focus. Each have their own unique tiers, units and resources and buildings.

    *  Biggest design flaw in Gladius?

Early game decisions (such as where to establish first cities or even the faction you select) have a major effect on later game faction viability.

Devs want to reorient Zephon where you don't have as much critical decisions early on, where you start with a very general layout for your faction that can be branched out by the player later on, example if you find yourself surrounded by a strong enemy in one area, you can turn your faction around to counter that strength.

Wanted to find a way to have diplomacy between the Imperial factions if it could have been balanced. Quest mechanics could have been more intricate. Devs find the game openings to be very limited with few options. Translation of the board game rules to video game space could not be done perfectly, such as flying units not seeming like flying units at times as one example.

    *  What are you looking to do with your factions to make them interesting?

Faction diversity is a major deal for the devs. Aim is for a middle ground between Gladius and Civilization. You choose your leader, and each leader have unique mechanics and technologies that change the way that faction is played (not a case of a leader getting different percent points in certain traits). Late game there are important quest decisions that directs how your faction adapt to the planet (devs reference Alpha Centauri with how faction leaders react to each other based on their social traits).

Devs mention they want the game to make it clear why an enemy faction has declared war on you (other faction bribed me to attack you/you are to strong/I want your resources/etc)

Some quest options will be unique to the leader you are playing.

When the game starts, all the factions start with a similar appearance and playstyle aside from the differences the leaders provide, but will branch off into different paths as they advance in the game.

    *  How different will each faction play, on a scale between Endless Legends and Civilization, where does Zephon sit?

Devs reiterate how the factions will start and all play the same early on, but will diversify later on. Will likely aim for somewhere in the middle between Civ and Endless.

    *  What are your thoughts on powercreep in Gladius? With base game factions seemingly being weaker than DLC factions for Gladius?

Devs state that DLC factions had a lot more development time than the base factions, and with the experience in making other factions. Devs state its difficult to revist old factions (devs not quite happy with where the Orks are currently). Tried to fix this somewhat with unit packs. Simply no real easy way to do this without a major rework.

Yeah please keep me on the list as a possible player if anyone decides to drop out etc or is a no show. Have played a couple of these games before but not this period.


Andy B
I would love to take part please. Not too worried about which side!

I think we have a full table now buddy, but i can sure put you on a reserve list if anyone ducks out last minute?
I would love to take part please. Not too worried about which side!
4X Gaming / Re: Galactic Civilizations IV
« Last post by Anguille on June 11, 2021, 03:04:39 AM »
Brad also posted Dev Journal #4 today, which takes a broader overview of the alpha.  It's pretty meaty.

I'm especially eager to see how the game works with citizens/leaders/governors, prestige as means for victory, and control as a resource (used for Executive Orders).  I really like how Stardock is throwing in a lot of new concepts into this game, and/or mixing existing concepts in new/interesting ways.

It's looking good already. Enjoyed the videos from Rob. And i can understand the logic to go Epic as he mostly wants to have the feedback on a single forum. Will see if i manage to wait.
4X Gaming / Re: Interstellar Space Genesis
« Last post by Anguille on June 11, 2021, 03:03:08 AM »
I must say that i mostly look forward to the achievements. Gives me new goals to achieve.
4X Gaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Anguille on June 11, 2021, 03:02:08 AM »
Wonder if they will manage to keep it up with GalCiv4 around the corner. I don't think there's so much more they can improve.
Online Games Wanted / TEST PLAY - Avalon Hill's Gunslinger on TTS
« Last post by jack nastyface on June 11, 2021, 01:54:55 AM »
Gentles all,

I want to host a game of Avalon Hill's classic wild west game Gunslinger for the upcoming ADC, but I need to test things out in  Tabletop simulator, first.

Please respond to this thread if you might be willing to help me play a TTS learning game.  I am available most evenings from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Pacific time zone,

Yours in gaming,

Jack Nastyface
Intel Dump / Re: Sticky for Kickstarter
« Last post by Arctic Blast on June 10, 2021, 09:39:58 PM »
Who wants to...take a this one?  :hehe:

Nothing brings a family game night together like sharing tokens that you clench in your ass.
4X Gaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Martok on June 10, 2021, 07:32:43 PM »
Dev Diary #215 is up.  It mainly discusses three things: 

1.)  It describes, in broad terms, the team's approach to how they're going to add gameplay elements for the Plantoid and Humanoid species.  Interesting to note that it appears they're possibly going to lump in the Fungoids (a species type that was in the original game) with the Plantoids, give them unique gameplay elements as well. 

2.)  Game balance -- specifically, "Research Booming", where players can essentially outpace other empires due to focusing intensely on research.  Towards that end, it sounds like the "Shattered Ring" origin will be nerfed, as apparently min-max players in particular love to use this origin to get way ahead in the research game. 

3.)  In a hilarious attempt by Daniel Moregård trying not very hard to avoid throwing Martin Anward (Stellaris' previous game director) under the bus, he talks about his dissatisfaction with the mechanics of empire sprawl as it currently works, and the use of "admin cap" to manage it.  Instead, he talks about the possibility of using Unity to manage empire sprawl, and how larger empires might have to "spend" it as a resource to deal with a larger and/or more diverse population. 

This is obviously more of a long-term project that Moregård is working on.  Still, I'll be very curious to see what exactly he comes up with to address this issue.  if he comes up with the right formula, it could be something that allows "playing tall" to be a more viable strategy once more, which would be pretty damn cool.