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4X Gaming / Re: Interstellar Space Genesis
« Last post by bbmike on June 10, 2021, 06:57:06 PM »
Nice, beefy update! I need to give it another go.  :bigthumb:
4X Gaming / Re: Galactic Civilizations IV
« Last post by Martok on June 10, 2021, 06:51:26 PM »
Brad also posted Dev Journal #4 today, which takes a broader overview of the alpha.  It's pretty meaty.

I'm especially eager to see how the game works with citizens/leaders/governors, prestige as means for victory, and control as a resource (used for Executive Orders).  I really like how Stardock is throwing in a lot of new concepts into this game, and/or mixing existing concepts in new/interesting ways. 

4X Gaming / Re: Galactic Civilizations IV
« Last post by Martok on June 10, 2021, 06:46:41 PM »
For those who wish to play the alpha version of the game, Galactic Civilizations IV is now available for an Epic exclusive.  :( 

Stardock has already stated that when the full game is released next year, it will also be available on Steam.  However, it does appear that GC4 will be tied to the Epic store for the next 12 months while it's in an alpha/beta state. 

I can understand why Stardock went this route, but it's not something I'll be participating in.  At least it simplifies my decision on whether to purchase early to get alpha access. 

In the meantime, Rob from Explorminate has posted a couple videos of the alpha.  He talks about the game's concepts, the various setup screens, and the 2nd video takes you through the first 30 turns of actual gameplay.  I will say, it does look pretty good so far. 

4X Gaming / Re: Interstellar Space Genesis
« Last post by Martok on June 10, 2021, 06:30:55 PM »
The 1.3 update has officially dropped!  (Full list of changes at the link.)


Interstellar Space: Genesis free 1.3 update released!

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that the new major and free! 1.3 update for Interstellar Space: Genesis is now available to all players!

This update has been on the unstable branch for beta testing to make sure there were no major unforeseen issues for the smoothest official release possible. We're happy to report that testing went very well, so we believe we're in very good shape. Thanks to everyone who played the unstable build and provided feedback!

Free 1.3 Update - Features and Improvements

Surrender Pact
The 1.3 highlights include the brand new Surrender Pact feature! With this new diplomacy treaty, you can now subjugate a rival into a surrender pact, and obtain benefits from it, instead of having to completely wipe it out of the game. Subjects vote for their overlord and contribute to all victory types. 56 new lines of dialog were added to accommodate the surrender pact diplomacy interactions. Check the release note below for all the details!

Alliance Victory
Also in 1.3 we now have the new Alliance Victory condition, where allies win together. When an empire wins, all its allies share victory. It can be enabled or disabled in the new game set up screen.

Steam Achievements
Steam Achievements were also added to the game! There are 57 achievements, which include 3 hidden ones and 7 for the first expansion pack, Natural Law. The achievements are also displayed in-game in a dedicated 'Achievements' screen.

AI Aggressiveness Level
The new 'AI Aggressiveness' option in the 'New Game' screen allows tweaking the desired aggression level for the AI. With higher aggressiveness, the AI will tend to be more hostile, attack more and declare war more often. It will also be more reluctant to sign diplomatic deals. The opposite effect for lower aggression than normal.

New Diplomacy Screen
The diplomacy UI was revamped! The diplomacy dialog screen is now displayed in full screen and the ambassador character is presented much larger, allowing for much more of the character to be seen and the different animations depending on their mood.

And, much more!
There's also a ton of major AI improvements
, performance improvements, a new UI-scale slider option
, QoL improvements and bug fixes, many of which in response to player feedback, and much more!

You can find the full change log for this update at the end of this post.

Compatibility and finishing an ongoing game

Saves from previous versions are not compatible with version 1.3. To everyone who helped beta test this update, please revert to the main branch by choosing 'None' in Steam's Betas tab. You can then resume playing with the official version now.

If you want to finish your current game with the previous version (1.2.4), please go to the Steam client -> Games -> View Games Library -> Right-Click on Interstellar Space: Genesis -> Choose Betas tab -> Select the "old_version" branch.

Important note: Custom races designed with previous versions will not work with the old version if you run the game once with the new version (after running 1.3 once, the custom races are updated to work with the new version). So, if you wish to finish a game with the previous version, please delete all your current custom races first, by deleting them in the folder C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\LocalLow\Praxis Games\ISG\Races, otherwise the game will not launch properly. This is only required if you wish to finish a game with the previous version.


We want to thank everyone who has helped test this update. Big thanks to everyone who has bought the game so far. A big thank you also to our artist Camilo Abelayras for creating such beautiful icons for the Steam Achievements. Thank you.

We hope you like the free 1.3 update! As you know, we're doing all we can to keep improving the game and to win your support. If you have a few minutes to spare, and have been enjoying what we do, please leave us a review on Steam! ❤️

Have fun!
Praxis Games

Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG / Adventure Gaming Humor
« Last post by Martok on June 10, 2021, 05:45:34 PM »

That image is going to be with me the rest of the day now.  :ROFL: 

Hoi y`all, so, any 'kind words' about "Panzer/Allied General", in general? We did play the many others on P.C. UNTIL that 'sucky' XP prevailed, then, NONE of ours were initially accepted into there! Just a few got an 'updated' application in order to then Play, but, not nearly every sort. "Diablo, Hellfire, & II"-? did "make the cut" yet.
Console Gaming / "Intellivision"
« Last post by GROGnadsUSA on June 10, 2021, 05:00:17 PM »
Hoi anyone, as did you Play upon this 'system'? What-all would such encompass with particularly 'Titles'? I mainly recall about some 'Naval Battle' sort that even had 'Minefield'/'Mine-sweeper/layer' ability, while there were also 'Major Combat Vessels', yet, no 'Aircraft Carriers'. Later on is NES/SNES with their "Battleship" & 'Battles' that expanded about much, when you had conquered their previous 'Encounter' 
Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG / Adventure Gaming Humor
« Last post by Dave Pumphouse on June 10, 2021, 10:18:17 AM »
*Playing a 40k Only War*

That one time when you failed a perception check to find out if that supposed enemy bunker was actually manned. Didnt fancy wasting a preciuos smoke grenade on a potentially empty enemy position but due to a fudged supply drop the day before knew you had plenty of toilet paper in your rucksack so proceeded to throw that at the bunker instead. Great success!

Only in doing so you had alerted a heavy bolter and las cannon and lost the element of surprise... fire fight ensues resulting in 50% casulaties to the squad, commander losing an arm and the following session being your characters court martial finding you guilty of gross incompetance and charging you to death by firing squad.

Intel Dump / Re: Witcher Board Game
« Last post by bbmike on June 10, 2021, 09:19:52 AM »
Yes, it was just shy of $13M. $6M is a very impressive for a board game!

Gentleman, PM me your email addresses and we'll get this show on the road with the guys we have.