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secrets of blackmoor

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on: September 14, 2021, 03:40:55 AM
We made a basic demo of the core mechanics used in North Cape.

The game only has 15 or so pages of rules, but still, it would make for a very long video if we covered everything.


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Reply #1 on: October 07, 2021, 04:20:58 PM
Hoi, as first of A-L-L, these were NAUGHT 'Lead' as 'Pewter' or 'Pot-Metal' was "preferred" while "CinC" casts are much improved having NON-'cavernous' "undersides"--such as "GHQ"-'vessels' did. This gave a decent 'heft' or 'prevents bending' ability, especially with their 'Destroyers/Cruisers'-(at 1:4800 'scale' no less). Hey! There's "Stalk 1"  sitting just behind them there too! We 'discovered' that "A&A"-'vessels'--(other than 'Subs'/certain etc.) are approximately near-to-same SIZES as the "CinC"-sort. This meant we then could bring something like an 'Aircraft Carrier' within their 'Game'--(using "G.Q." 'Rules')--while I had bought several 'Ship Containers' for their 'Transports/Oilers/etc.' , as well of the 'Capital Ships' assortment. For some inexplicable 'reasons' they never did produce others beyond what were initially 'produced', as others now shall. ALSO; we used full-sized 'plastic clear-protector coverings' to place their 'Ship Specs. Sheet' into that, with 'Grease Pens/Markers' used to denote 'Marking Off' cumulative 'Damages'/etc. while at "Art Supplies Stores" they will generally have quite the assortment/selections for 'colours' of them. Years ago, 'moi' had purchased 'Grease Pens' and have amassed those, along with either "RED" or "BLACK" 'refills' intended for them. I'd have suggested using "d10"--'Results' with some "updated" process, but, you could conduct such then if you'll 'devise' this. Oh, I first encountered them 'Grease Pens' when there used to be a 'Grocery Store' called as "Prairie Market" and they provided these so you could 'write prices' onto their 'products'. This had to have been around circa mid-1960s(?), since I did accompany my Mother on forays to make 'comparisons shopping' decisions. Usually, this meant getting MORE of her USD$$$$ with buying larger mounts/etc. as we were a 'K`nukular Famila' of 6-types back then. We even did the same-same 'G.P.'--use when playing "Starfleet Battles", or "Swashbuckler" etc. Oh, 'cigar/cigarette' ashes will CLEANSE/wipe away the 'G.P.'-markings if sparingly applied onto a couple 'toilet paper sheets'/'napkins'/'paper towels'/whatever, much more readily than anything else around.
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