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SAVE THE DATE!  The Armchair Dragoons Fall Assembly will be held 11-13 October 2024 in Raleigh/Cary, NC

Author Topic: "Fortress America" NEW 'Cards' Proposals  (Read 3064 times)


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on: January 26, 2023, 09:31:43 PM

Hey y`alls as here are several 'concepts' being "foisted" upon any FOR their 'considerations'-! I've decided that these  particular 'Cards' should HAVE "increased affects" along with greater/more 'Units' too-! READ some there as well: ""BLOG""<--'click' this'


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Reply #1 on: February 07, 2023, 02:39:11 AM
Hoi as HERE is the LINK to that: ""F.A.X.P.#-1-!-""<--'click this'

These are 'Prototypical Bombers'-!

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Reply #2 on: February 09, 2023, 04:01:23 AM
Yes, as it were THEN-long~ago where here were w`ever: ""Review""<--'click it'-! of almost '20' years hence-!


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Reply #3 on: February 12, 2023, 04:16:54 PM
"Quick & Dirty" from 'Battleplan'=#8-! Could/would someone 'extract' this to place into HERE as 'photo' depiction since 'Files' tend on becoming "corrupted" so...LINK of that: ""F.A.D.-n-D.V.""

THIS below is their 'Contents'

Issue 8 - Jan/Feb 1989 (Third Reich cover)

Deluxe Third Reich issue

Eastern Front Solitaire                     M.Greaves
   - Vlasov's Army variant
Washing the Spears in Zulu War              J.W.Shores
   - Variants for last issue's mini-wargame
Bismarck House Rules                        L.Harris Jr.
Conquest of Britain, AD 43                  S.Owen
   - Scenario for WEG Druid
Drive on Frankfurt variations               J.Gordon
Axis & Allies 1941 Scenario                 A.Simon
   - Historical set-up of a year earlier
Nuclear Risk!                               G.Costikyan
   - Combining "Nuclear War" and "Risk"
Empires in Arms                             K.Martens
   - Strategies in Spain
Aircraft for Air War                        J.Meldrum
   - More for this TSR game
Quick & Dirty Fortress America variants     G.Sauer III
Red, White and Blue Max                     J.Meldrum
   - US aircraft for GDW game
Yamamoto's Plan for Midway                  J.Meldrum
   - Variant for Yaq "CV"
Ortona                                      K.Martens
   - A Canadian Up Front scenario
Turning the Tables in FireTeam              J.Meldrum
   - US attacks Soviets
Expanded Kanev                              J.Meldrum
   - Variants and new scenario for S&T game
Over the Edge of the Map                    S.Nelson
   - Third Reich mega-variant map insert rules
A Peek at 5th Edition Third Reich           B.Harper,A.Emrich
Third Reich  1940 Scenario                  J.Gordon
Third Reich  1941 Scenario                  J.Gordon
Third Reich  1945 Scenario                  J.Gordon
More Third Reich variants                   J.Gordon
Third Reich Local & Limited Wars            J.Gordon
   - mini scenarios for teaching beginners
AH General Third Reich variants Rebuttal    R.Calcaterra
The War of '33                              S.Gorard
   - analysis of 3R variants