Author Topic: Recruiting for an online game  (Read 3254 times)


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on: May 24, 2020, 01:12:43 PM
A couple of rules for this area to please abide by:

1/  Specify in the thread title what platform you want to use, along with the game you want to play
   -  TTS = Tabletop Simualor
   -  BGA = Board Game Arena
   -  Tabletopia = There's no good abbreviation for this one
   -  Roll20 = do you really need to shorten that?

within the recruiting post:

2/  Specify the time - AND TIME ZONE - that you plan to start (and if you have a sense of duration and/or a hard stop time, that helps, too)

3/  Specify whether or not you're willing to teach (important if you're expecting people to just play, or if you're willing to take the time to walk them through it)

4/  Seems a little weird, but, give people a heads up if you plan to stream or  record the session for later distribution.  Don't spring it on them as a surprise

Note that this is for online/real-time gaming.  If you're going to play-by-post, then drop that into the appropriate forum.


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