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I was never a fan of 40K but I did like the Fantasy stuff.  I really enjoyed playing Mordheim (mainly because my friends were the ones who did all the painting, terrain building, setting up, etc.  I just played) back in the day. 

My new gaming group were pretty excited when Kill Team was first announced and they all bought in.  Didn't seem to catch on and most gave up on it.  One guy still buys it but he's more into painting and making dioramas than he is in playing.

Core Space is the one I'm into lately. (even though I still haven't painted a single mini from it yet).  Very fun skirmish game with persistent squads that you level up and have to pay to maintain.  Gives me a bit of that old Mordheim vibe.  Great fun to see your guys getting more powerful as they progress through several missions.  Utterly devastating to lose a veteran on his 10th mission in when you roll triple 1s....


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That looks good  :bigthumb:

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