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on: September 09, 2021, 11:47:41 AM
The 1.09 Update for Campaign Waterloo has been released today. It contains:

- Added Automatic Defensive Fire optional rule to speed up PBEM matches using Phased play. To activate both
  the "Manual Defensive Fire" and "Auto Defensive Fire" optional rules need to be selected.
- Added Mixed Organization Penalty optional rule. Artillery units are not impacted.
- Added Night Movement Fatigue optional rule, with a value of 50 fatigue points.
- Added possibility for Artillery units to become disrupted due to ranged fire after they reach Medium fatigue.
- Added to View menu, Map Elevations / Map Coordinates / Map Combat Modifiers.
- Added "Previous Stack" function, Hot Key P.
- Added/reworked keyboard shortcuts and some menus to match CWB style.
- Added to View menu, ability to toggle on / off 3D casualties, menu item "Carnage".
- Adjusted View, 2D Slopes can now be toggled off.
- Adjusted the Movement Threat Disorder optional rule to exclude Supply Wagons from being impacted.
  Also, Cavalry is more resistant to movement threat disorder. The target hex threat value is halved.
  A threat value is also displayed for empty hexes. Either for all hexes without FoW or only for hexes
  adjacent to own units.
- Adjusted Medium auto defensive fire setting for artillery to shoot at max range /2 +1 hex
- Adjusted Unit info "Detached" status is no longer displayed for enemy units.
- Adjusted Unit info now shows "Mixed" if Mixed Org Opt Rule is selected and units are mixed.
- Adjusted Unit info "Can Deploy" status is no longer displayed for enemy units.
- Adjusted Unit info, unit type (Light, Pioneer, etc.) is masked until within 3 hexes and in LOS.
- Adjusted 2D display, generic Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery icons displayed for opposing forces
  until within 3 hexes and in LOS.
- Adjusted Alt unit info "Change xx%" formation change is no longer displayed for enemy units.
- Adjusted Alt HexInfo display to clarify hex edge attributes.
- Adjusted Leader rating display. Ex: Command: A [C] - This is a leader with a current command
  rating of A due to command chain bonus with a basic command rating of C.
- Adjusted movement cost for Supply Wagons on Roads from 2 to 1.
- Adjusted viewing, LOS is now only viewable from occupied hexes under FOW.
- Adjusted Status Bar, now weather effects/modifiers are displayed for current weather conditions.
- Fix so parent cavalry unit does not change to squadron which prevents combining.
- Fix for Command rating check problem.
- Fixed problem where artillery did not cause threat at all if located in obstructed terrain.
- Routed units won't be able to spot enemy units. They are now treated like supply units or uncrewed artillery.
- Alterations to OOB files for French names by David Michas.
- Updated documentation.
- Included the "Meeting" Campaign by Rich Hamilton. See \Notes\Reademe_Meeting.txt for more details.

You can grab it off the updates page now:


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that's a nice-looking screenshot :)

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