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on: October 31, 2020, 09:53:00 AM

Old munitions still causing problems in Russia.
The US had not really addressed this issue through the mid 60s with WWII munitions.
Had a tour of the Leonardo Piers in New Jersey across from New York.  Duringthe war it twas majofacility,t tnotw it tsleepy. it was cres of bunkers filled with leftover explosi es.  There was no place to destroy them and no money.
The base CO bought a decrepit barge, loaded lots of old stuff, and towed it out past the Twelve Mile limit.
The seacocks were opened and it sank.
However, the load was unstable and on the way down there was a massive explosion.
That was not a problem to him, and the crew returned to the docks.
At that point, his world turned.  Messages stormed in about this surprise explosion next to New York harbor.
SOSUS, the underwater hydrophone system picked it up.
We're the Soviets attacking New York?  Was a sub in distress?
Shortly, the base commander retired.

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