Author Topic: BGG announced Fall BGG.CON will be replaced by another VGC Nov 18-22  (Read 513 times)


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BTW, did any Armchair Dragoons play in the CUBA LIBRE COIN vEvent Saturday Morning?  I believe that was the only wargames besides the events I hosted ... though it looked like somebody tried to throw something together at the last minute on Thursday night.  I didn't notice the game system.
Every event I ran was well "attended" ... including some overflow.  I went fairly light (TANK DUEL and DOWN IN FLAMES) ... WAW85 went well too.
From what I saw and heard, BGG did a good job running it ... the Tabletop.Events (TTE) system which they used IMO is better than the competition.  According to the link above, BGG bought TTE and will be running it in the future.
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