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on: November 17, 2022, 01:56:40 PM
Someone posted this on the CONSIM Facebook page, and I found it very interesting.

A Note of Caution (TKC Games/Diffraction Entertainment)
Members of the wargaming community:
Over the past days, I internally debated whether I would share this story. I ultimately decided it would be better to share it with you; if I can help at least one of you avoid a similar predicament, it is worth it.
In June 2022, I purchased a copy of TSWW Barbarossa Limited Generals Edition directly from TKC Games in the UK. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Upon receipt, I agreed that the product is quality.
In July 2022, I decided to take advantage of one of the many deals offered by John Bannerman (Director) and TKC Games. I pre-ordered Operation Watchtower and Blitzkrieg II for the hefty price of approximately $700 USD. Both games were, at the time, planned for release in 2022. However, I understand that a game publisher cannot guarantee a release date for a product in development. This is the first time I ever paid for a preorder beforehand. Big mistake.
This last week, due to a change in circumstance, I notified Mr. Bannerman by way of the TKC Games website's Contact Us form of my desire to cancel my preorder for a refund. After no response, I sent an email to Mr. Bannerman by email. Again, after no response was received, I sent a follow up email the next business day.
I receives a response the following day. Mr. Bannerman indicated he had been "very busy" (understandable) and denied receiving my prior communication via the website's Contact Us form (also, understandable). Mr. Bannerman then demanded my "reason" for cancellation and advised he would "consider my request."
I immediately replied that I was uncomfortable with such a large sum of outstanding for a products subject to delay (again, I understand that a release date for products in development cannot be guaranteed) and that my wife and I recently had a third child.
Mr. Bannerman promptly responded that he would respond the following day and cited that he was presently "deal[ing] with [me], deal[ing] with a variety of business issues and [his] 85 year old mother." He apologized for being "curt."
When no response was received, I again sent a follow up email. Mr. Bannermans lengthy response was a shock:
He accused me of a "spam barrage"  but apologized for his delay in responding. He then agreed to the refund, but noted that he is under no obligation to "'be nice'" and accused me of "brow beat[ing]" him. He also stated that he does not "run a charity" (I did not request a handout, but a refund for a product not yet released, let alone fulfilled).
He then advised that he is out of the country until October 24th (I assume he meant November) but would issue the refund as soon as practicable. He then accused me of making an "unreasonable demand" for a product I knew to no be in stock (I do not equate a preorder to a purchase of an out-of-stock product). He then stated, "do not demand or whine when you are in breach of terms and conditions which you obviously did not read." I thought, what terms and conditions? Where?
As a veteran attorney, I immediately returned to the TKC Games website. Of course, I was unable to locate any terms or conditions relating to preorders or out-of-stock products.
He then mentioned UK "distance selling regulations" which permit him to refuse refunds (again, no direct citation). He suggested, in the future, that I purchase in-stock items, only. A surprise, given his pre-order business model.
He then went on a lengthy tangent discussing the costs to develop his products (completely understand).
The response then took another turn: he stated my "attitude . . . indicates a lack of willingness to accept a massive (in this case almost certainly 50% of shipping price) discount" (again, this is a preorder; not a product in-stock and actually shipped to me that I've request to return for a refund). He then cited potential global war, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the UK leaving the EEU and EU. The then personally attacked my having another child stating that "I cannot help you more, and, will not have much sympathy for you or anyone else having children during this period given that I cannot have children of my own and even if I could would most certainly not have them if I could not afford to care for them." Wow!
He closed with a comment that he would process my refund "when [he] had the time to do so," but provided no time estimation.
Given the bizarre response, I requested an exception be made and the refund be processed by the end of the day (I was concerned it would never happen).
Response: "You will be refunded when I have time."
I again asked that the refund be processed by the end of the day and noted that the large sum of money involved had me quite stressed and I was concerned about being taken advantage of.
Response: "If you persist in spamming my emails you will be reported to the police here.  I am aware that they take this sort of thing extremely seriously, and will further my complaints to the relevant authorities in the USA. Your choice." He added, further "communication will result in us enforcing UK Law. At that point you will not get a refund." So, at this point he appears to be holding my funds hostage.
I replied that I understood and had no intent to harass. I requested that he provide a time estimation for the refund, however.
Based upon his final communication, he intends to report me to the Scotland authorities.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
TLDR: TKC Games provides a quality product. However, preorders are not recommended. Buy only in-stock items per their own recommendation.

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Not a publisher that I know anything about.

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My primary interaction with TKC has been making fun of their exorbitant prices on occasion Tuesdays :)

Seems like I made a good call

The problem is that, AFAIK, TKC owns the rights to the Europa series from GDW, so if ever want to see any more of those games, you get to deal with them....


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