Author Topic: I Want To Play Naval Wargames....But I Don't Want to Deal With Minis?  (Read 199 times)


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I've always had an interest in naval matters, particularly WWII/Pacific.  I own a few games that cover naval operations - Flat Top, Guadalcanal (Smithsonian Edition), Pacific War, Atlantic Chase - but I'd like to play something more tactical.  I know there are a few board games in this space, but something about miniature naval wargames is very attractive to me.  I've played Close Action (Age of Sail) before and had a blast.

But...for various reasons I don't really want to bother with minis.  Specifically painted minis.  I don't have the best eyesight so I have doubts in my ability to do even a half decent job at painting them.  I also cannot afford to buy pre-painted minis/commission someone to do it for me.  When I played Close Action the guy running the game used ships from Shapeways that were just one solid color - blue for French, red for British, orange for Dutch - and everyone had a grand time.  I've done a bit of poking around and found some cardboard flats that give top down views of ships that can be used in lieu of minis.  I haven't connected with anyone locally yet, but I'm sure I can find people in the area (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota USA) who plays these games in the era I'm interested in.  My question is: do you think not having my own painted minis to play with would be a major turn off to most people who play these types of games?

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Nope. In my experience the guys who run the games tend to have more than enough minis for everyone.


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I agree with SDR. If you find a local miniatures group, there will be plenty of members with toys they want to get to the table and play games.


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Nope. In my experience the guys who run the games tend to have more than enough minis for everyone.

and usually everyone's friend, too.

often with some left over


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I'm not sure how I feel about the rule set, but some good ideas on budget gaming here.

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I have been a miniatures gamer for moving on 40 years.

I have never once met a miniatures gamer who had more friends than unplayed miniatures.

Your mere presence and evident enthusiasm should be sufficient.

If, along the way, you paint a force or two, that's gravy.

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