Author Topic: Tools of the "Traded-offs-!-"  (Read 2898 times)


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on: March 02, 2023, 07:26:52 PM
FOR "foretold" with those of US long ago whenever we had a 'hankering' of 'Design Graphics', we would use this-! F-R-E-E-D-! further upon this there: ""BLOG""<--'Click this' Now-a-days, and even back then-it was customary of uses with these and my OWN-shown ones display this. Other than the "Weather-written" markers, the remainder were created from a similar SET as that. Now, I shall "suggest" emphatically of increased 'protection' through a CLEAR-("Scotch"/"Packing" tape-?) covering onto them seen, because they will diminish/prevent "rubbing away" of their 'Graphics'. They can also become 'scraped-off' or portions might from constant 'contact' as well. Tell "Lou Coatney" that 'moi' was already having 'Components/Counters' in "Black-&-White" so that 'Color(s) Paper(s)' would then get these "printed upon" thus-! Oh, I had even done portions of several 'color paper' being printed onto-simultaneously-by cutting pieces and attached them together before commencing this-! That 'worked' well for them "Minor Armies" components for "Blitzkrieg".