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Title: ACD Looking for A Few Good Peeps
Post by: bayonetbrant on August 25, 2021, 09:38:08 AM
Hey Dragoons!

We're looking for some help with a couple of things, if anyone's interested

1.  Writers.
We're always looking for writers.  We can help provide copies of games for you to write about, but we need the writing back in a reliable time frame.  Reviews, AARs, analysis & comparison, playing & strategy guides, industry analysis, and interviews are all on the table.
We've got some editorial guidelines, and are happy to help coach folks through their initial forays into writing about games.  But we need you to want to do it, and take that first step :)

2.  Game testers & editors.
We've got a couple of game projects we're kicking around right now, and while we have some playtesters lined up for a few of them, we could always use some additional testing.  That said, we need more than just testers.  We need someone with some editorial chops who can help whip the early drafts of the game rules into shape.  So it's not just helping find holes in the design, but helping find holes in the writing that might create unintended holes in the design.
Note: these are not computer games.  These are tabletop games.

3.  Minister of Propaganda.
No, it's not me.  It never was me. ::)
We need someone to spend a bit of time on a 'cleanup' effort with our archives, especially getting our articles linked back to the relevant game pages / threads at BGG, CSW, the publishers' websites, etc.  And then maintain that going forward.
The initial 'cleanup' is going to take some time, with a few years of archives to go through.  The 'maintenance' shouldn't be as bad since that's probably just a weekly effort once we're caught up.
We just need someone to help do a lot of the linkages from our content to the rest of the web's relevant places
Stretch goal: might also need someone to link articles to our IG page, since the auto-connector doesn't want to work right now and I'm short on time to investigate

4.  Calendar Guru
Once we had an event calendar, and it was glorious.  It was fully-loaded with conventions and club meetings and all sorts of things.
And no one used it.
And now there are people around the web asking for a consolidated wargaming event calendar, with all sorts of the same stuff we had on it.
So we've already got a base of fire established and just need someone to update it and keep it as current as possible.
I can help provide the technical details of how to get the info loaded, but the Calendar Guru will have to seek out the content to put on the calendar and keep it current.

Send me a PM or email and let's talk
Title: Re: ACD Looking for A Few Good Peeps
Post by: bayonetbrant on December 10, 2021, 03:58:08 PM