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I have not seen results posted here or on Discord.  The only result known is a draw between PR/RAK.

1 –    Peter Robbins       (PR)                0-0-1                  LexL      (LX)
2 –    RooksAndKings      (RAK)           0-0-1                  Softaguese   (SOF)
3 –    FleetScuttle              (FS)                                         LordP      (LP)
4 –    Lizardo_most_valiant   (LMV)                               Erit Fortis (EF)

I was told that deadlines, etc, would be the tough part of a formal league--so moving forward, if there are suggestions for timeliness, they would be appreciated (whether in the league or not).

I think the timelines are fine. Seems like just organic pains from organizing something long distance. I'm in no rush and don't mind being patient for others to finish their games.


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Any chance Littoral Commander is going to make it to UK distributers?

Esdevium carries the Foundation--so they have it/had it and will with the 2nd ed. as well.


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neach-gleidhidh na h-Alba