Author Topic: KublaCON Sunday night SWWAS  (Read 757 times)


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on: June 03, 2019, 01:06:01 AM
Sunday SWWAS ...
Americans : Dillon
Japanese : Josh

Americans sent Lex to station 175 nm NE Tulagi, Yorktown to station 70 nm SW Port Moresby.  Japanese sent Shoho TF south east along east coast of Solomon's Islands.  Tulagi Invasion Force south toward New Guinea then due east to Tulagi.  PM invasion force went direct PM.

Around Dawn of second day, Cats from Tulagi spotted Shoho, about 100 nm south of Lady Lex.  Japanese sent all heavy bombers to Tulagi.  Lex attacked Shoho.  Shoho sunk, US lost a dozen bombers.  About a dozen surviving bombers flew to Rabaul.  Bombing of Tulagi resulted in no effective damage.  Lex was able to recover and launch a follow-up strike just before nightfall on the cruisers which had been escorting Shoho.  Crippling 2.  Japanese seaplane tender anchored at island halfway between new Guinea and Tulagi.  In the morning as seaplanes approached Yorktown, CAP fighters intercepted and shot down before the could sent there report.  Another searchplane spotted TF just before twilight and got full report out.  During the night the crippled cruisers were dispatched and sent North to Truck.  Others rendesvouzed with the fast carriers Shokaku and Zuikaku and steam to a point about 100nm north of Tulagi.  Lex joined with cruiser surface combat force and stationed herself just offshore Tulagi to await the Tulagi Invasion Force.  Coastwatchers spotted both forces during the night and reported many ships ...but no types or specifics.  The PM invasion force arrived and began unloading troops shortly before Dawn of 3 May.

Dawn patrols did not provide more info but Japanese launched a full strike at "ships" near Tulagi and Yorktown and LBA from PM and Cairns launched at the troops landing at PM.

Lex sunk.  Japanese lost about 50 acct
All landing craft destroyed no us losses.

Game called.  Hotwash revealed neither used bombers for searches just thought seaplanes should be enough.  Americans brought Lex in tight because didn't think CVs could get far enough south to cause him harm before midday.  Japanese decision to "sneak" PM invasion force without air cover proved costly.


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Reply #1 on: June 03, 2019, 07:53:21 AM
Was this played with one of Avalanche Press' SWWAS games? I have a couple of those.

If you get the chance next game, grab a couple of pix.  :bigthumb:

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