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Author Topic: Inferno by GMT Games  (Read 43 times)


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on: May 25, 2023, 11:14:50 AM
Copying TTC's comment over here from the Almoravid thread so we can start talking about Inferno, specifically

My copy should be en route.

Well, you've had a year to play it now. Any good?

I lied.

Or I got all of my P500s mixed up -- (I mean, how does that happen).

I have Nevsky and really enjoy it. I've just started two games of Nevsky with some local buddies, but we are playing on Rally the Troops.

I also have Inferno (which is what I was thinking about when I thought I had Almoravid en route). In ways, Inferno is a degree easier than Nevsky, only because the infrastructure is better (and simpler) in Italy, and the winters much less harsh.

I really enjoy the system but do not like the way the rules are written -- they seem to complicate what should are simple actions.

While Almoravid does look interesting, with so many more L&C games in the pipeline, I don't think I'll be obligated to buy them all.


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Reply #1 on: May 25, 2023, 03:22:17 PM
I will expand a bit on why Inferno is "easier" (in a playability way) than Nevsky.

In Nevsky, moving an army is hard. You can move via waterways or roads, and you have to have boats and carts for both of them. Except in the winter, when you have to have sleds. Figuring out how to keep your army fully provisioned and moving, on different types of ways, and in different seasons, is quite the challenge. Poor planning (and inexperience) in Nevsky can be challenging.

In Inferno, the Tuscan infrastructure is more developed and doesn't have problems with winter weather. There are highways (I forget the exact nomenclature) that allow you to move further and easier. It's really easier to raise and move an army, so you can focus your energy more on fighting the enemy than just fighting the elements.

Inferno does add one new feature: Revolts. They are mechanically easy to resolve and add a new strategic element to the game, but they don't make the game itself more complex.

Now it's off to Rally the Troops, where I think I have a couple of Nevsky turns waiting for me...