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Author Topic: WaW 85 Solo Assistant  (Read 2549 times)


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on: August 28, 2022, 12:25:56 PM
I've got WaW 85 back to the table and - once again - I've tried to play with the AEO (<- I still have to look that up to know what it means - I wish they'd just called it Enemy AI or simply AI!!)

Anyway - I know there's fans of the series here so I wanted to ask how you get on with the Solo Assistant.

I have a pretty piss poor time with it tbh. I have had some problems understanding the concept - basically finding something on the card outside of one of the Priority orders but generally, more often than not, I find myself doing exactly what the manual says - make a judgement call and decide not to use it for that unit.

For example, one of my Priority Orders fitted for an armoured unit. They had LoS at normal range to an M1 - but the priority order for the unit was LRM (Low Risk Move) closer to PL unit. Now LRM means only do it if you can keep out of LoS...and I could. Trouble is, this unit had LoS to the M1 - they were both on top of opposite hills. According to the rules, I should implement the first order that can be used - and this was the first order for normal range. The second order for Normal Range was fire - but I decided to implement the card order as stated (otherwise what's the point in the system?).

Another one was for an infantry unit to implement Victory Conditions (all priority orders were not relevant and two of the 3 secondary orders were to fire - and they didn't have LoS). That's another beef I have with the system...if I can't implement one of the 3 priority orders (point blank range, normal range and long range) then chances are I don't have LoS - so why get me to fire in the secondary orders. Anyway, I had this unit in a defensive position (city) waiting for the enemy - but the order under Execute Victory Conditions was to move closer to the victory hex (or something)...but basically move my units, from their defensive terrain, into the open to defend the victory location that's miles away!

Honestly - these are not exceptions to the rule. I come across loads of examples each game.

Now - I understand you have the option to play the card or do your own thing. But my point is, more often than not, I'm doing my own thing anyway.

The Russians are in defensive posture and I had to set up around a city. However, I wanted to move one or two of my infantry units round the flank to have a good shot at the US units in the open if they flank. Would the card even remotely go anywhere near telling me to do something like that? Nope. The cards do have LRM - but I just find the whole AEO frustrating and confusing.

I've decided not to use it. It gives me hives wondering what ridiculous thing it's going to ask my troops to do next time. And here's the thing - if I don't have to use it, then what really is the point of it. I know when my units have a good shot. I know when they need to get cover. I know when they should move or hold still. So - just implement what I know best?

I mean, if there were more appropriate orders on cards, I wouldn't mind occasionally having them do dumb things - they are soldiers after all...but it's almost all the time. Either there's no proper order or the order doesn't make sense.

I'm not really impressed with it. This is actually contrary to the Conflict of Heroes AI which iirc I found to be pretty decent...and this system is licensed to LnL so they can create their own.

I just don't think it's implemented well. I'm sorry to whomever designed it - I know alot of work went into it - but it's confusing and severely lacking imo.

Any thoughts from any users of the system?


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Reply #1 on: August 28, 2022, 12:31:26 PM
I should give another view on it - this guy likes it (27.00). Although he does say at 1.04.50 that it looks like he's making alot of decisions of his own instead of doing the card action - and that is my experience with the system.

Maybe it's just me?
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Reply #2 on: August 28, 2022, 02:27:45 PM
Not just you.

I'm not a fan of the Solo system for WaW85 or Nations at War, basically the same thing. It's pretty open ended and leaves too much to the players discretion. But, having said that, to get a really good feel for it you need to do EVERYTHING the Solo system says to do and NOT override any of it. It may seem weird and wacky at the start but it will give a very different game than playing both sides.

People say the same things about the Solo system for LnLT system. Here I think it works much better and again you have to resist the urge to interfere with what the cards say to do.

All that said, both Solo systems work better, for me, if the Ai is defending.

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Reply #3 on: August 28, 2022, 03:07:06 PM
Actually I mentioned the CoH AI being good - I think it was actually the LnL Tactical solo system that worked pretty well - which is why I was surprised way back when this AI wasn't really working out.

I think for me, the main problem isn't that what's being ordered doesn't make sense. Sure - that's odd and bothers me somewhat, but I can always excuse that away with soldiers being soldiers. Their human and soldiers and unpredictable.

The main beef I have with it is - more often than not - not having anything to do. It always seems way too often I'm either ignoring the card (because there's nothing to do) or doing what the rules say in that instance which is to not do anything and leave the unit ready for Op Fire.

One annoying example was the one I came across in my game. Russians defending and had to be setup around two cities, one of which was at the other end of the map and a victory condition. I had to setup the Russian units within 2 hexes around that city. Ok - they have to defend it, perhaps it would be wise to leave them there. But I wanted to move two infantry units to a different location - and I know from what I've seen of the cards that I would struggle to find an order that would let me do what I wanted to do. Playing as the cards, I'd be leaving those troops there for Op Fire.

mmmm......I suppose this does sound like "it's not behaving how I want it to behave, so it's not working". Maybe I'll give it a go this scenario and not override a single order and see how it pans out.


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Reply #4 on: August 28, 2022, 04:12:31 PM
There is another thing I noticed but forgot to mention.

The AEO doesn't seem to deal with infantry loaded on vehicles. I've never seen a command to load or unload