Author Topic: Frostpunk - what say you  (Read 398 times)


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on: August 13, 2021, 08:24:20 PM
Anyone played it - forgot about it, got interested again - went to steam its free for the weekend, and only £8 for the next two days

just wondered if anyone had any experience with it


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Reply #1 on: August 14, 2021, 12:29:33 AM
If you're not bothered spending 8 quid on it, I'd say go for it. I bought it a while ago on sale and it gave me a few hours' worth of good entertainment. I didn't stick with it, but not because it was bad...just didn't have time for it.  ;D


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Reply #2 on: August 14, 2021, 06:29:36 AM
I think I'd rather wait and see what Punk Wars finishes up like.

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Reply #3 on: August 14, 2021, 04:18:21 PM
I just something a day or two ago that Frostpunk 2 is now in development.  I wonder if that's somehow related to the sale and play-for-free weekend? 

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