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Far from my finest hour, but a grand evening and gratifying nonetheless…
Saturday Night Fights & Tabletop Simulator / Project Quatre Bras, Part I
« Last post by mcguire on Yesterday at 06:46:29 PM »
A wise man once said, "Never say anything more predictive than 'hey, watch this'."

Ok, so I took Jim's video of Saturday Night Fight's Project Quatre Bras, Part I (Yes, I did ask first.) and edited it down into a short (30min? Geeze, that's not short.), exciting (Pfft.), punchy (Well, I'm punchy) piece that is perfect if you don't want to spend 2 hours watching the original.

Consider this a request for comments, suggestions, and so forth:

The video isn't public yet. I think I hosed up the audio normalization, so I'll be trying to fix that and incorporate all of y'alls suggestions before I upload it. And now I need to start on Part Ia.
Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG / Adventure Gaming Humor
« Last post by Martok on Yesterday at 04:45:42 PM »
You're probably right.  To them, it would appear as bizarre and otherworldly as a pay-phone. 

Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG / Adventure Gaming Humor
« Last post by Steelgrave on Yesterday at 11:46:07 AM »
Hell, Martok....they wouldn't make it past identifying what's in that picture.
4X Gaming / Re: Strategy gaming humor
« Last post by Steelgrave on Yesterday at 11:37:27 AM »
"within the next three hundred years"  ;D ;D ;D
Organizations, Vehicles, Equipment / Re: Planes!
« Last post by besilarius on Yesterday at 10:26:22 AM »
4X Gaming / Re: Stellaris
« Last post by Martok on Yesterday at 01:02:34 AM »
Wonder if they will manage to keep it up with GalCiv4 around the corner.

Indeed.  And let's not forget Distant Worlds 2, either.  Granted, Slitherine doesn't have the same marketing acumen (or resources0 as Paradox, or even Stardock, but I think it's still going to make a bigger splash than its predecessor did. 

My gut feeling is that ultimately, Stellaris will be able to stay ahead of the others, if only because it has Paradox's marketing machine -- and gaming community -- behind it.  So long as Moregård and his team manage to release at least one new expansion a year, I think that will be enough to maintain Stellaris' current hold atop the space 4x sub-genre. 

...I won't be upset if I'm proven wrong, however.  ;) 

I don't think there's so much more they can improve.

I can think of quite a bit, myself. 

*  Factions still don't do much.  (There remains much clamoring for a DLC that focuses on internal politics, and possible civil wars.) 

*  Sectors still suck, and badly need a revamp.

*  There are lot of ways in which wars still don't work very well. 

*  Leaders aren't truly meaningful, unlike in Total War or Crusader Kings.  That's something a lot of folks would like to see changed/improved. 

*  Despite the 2.6 update and Federations DLC, there are a lot of ways in which diplomacy still doesn't really work like players wish it did. 

*  Including Federations.  It's clear they still don't really function as how anyone -- players or developers -- really would like. 

*  Although the 3.0 update and the addition of the intel/spy system helped, the mid-game is still rather boring. 

*  Towards that end, The Great Khan needs to be fixed/improved, and more mid-game crises/events added. 

*  More end-game crises would be welcome as well. 

*  Also:  Why do all crises have to be military in nature?  Why can't we have crises like a galaxy-wide plague or nanite storm -- one that requires a certain amount of research points, Unity, etc., that would require multiple empires combining their resources in order to successfully defeat?  Not every problem can be solved at the tip of a laser cannon... 

*  And of course, the AI can always, always stand to be improved.  There remain far too many examples of it doing inexplicably foolish things. 

And these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.  Doubtless there are many more issues (some more fundamental than others) that could/should be improved upon. 

Adventure Gaming / Re: RPG / Adventure Gaming Humor
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4X Gaming / Re: Strategy gaming humor
« Last post by Martok on Yesterday at 12:04:55 AM »
Stellaris players will definitely understand this one...  ::) 

Fleet needs upgrading again


The Tzynn Empire’s attempts to engage rampaging pirates was once again thwarted today after its entire military fleet was grounded for further upgrades.

The thirty corvettes and ten destroyers were commissioned less than a year ago, but engineers have struggled to keep pace with rapid technological change, upgrading ship armor, shields, engines and attack systems on almost a daily basis.

Today’s upgrade will see the ships fitted with the recently researched Plasteel Armor. At a cost of 325 alloys it boasts mild benefits compared to the Ceramo-Metal Armor that was installed just last week after an extensive nine-month retrofitting.

Militarist factions have criticized Tzynn Fleet Command for authorizing the upgrade, highlighting that the absence of regular fleet patrols appear to be emboldening pirate attacks on peripheral systems.

“This whole situation is outrageous,” retired Tzynn Admiral Raxeg told Xenonion. “The continual upgrades mean our primary fleet has never undocked from its home base, which is infuriating as, unlike other empires, we can actually afford to do that.”

A spokes-xeno for the Tzynn government, declined to comment, although did add “you have no idea how annoying it is to not clear that little upgrade icon that keeps popping up.”

The Tzynn government has pointed out it remains confident in its military’s capabilities, highlighting it has only lost 36 systems to pirates.

Engineers estimate the fleet will be completely upgraded at some point within the next three hundred years.