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on: August 17, 2022, 02:25:03 PM
I pre-ordered the 2nd Edition rules several months ago and low and behold something glorious happened today.

I really like the simplicity of the rules. They are about quick, easy, and fun games of Hollywood medieval warfare. Dan's rules are not about historical accuracy or a myriad of rules. However, I think they give a good feel for the warfare of the period. I had the opportunity to play the rules at a convention last year. Also, the model counts are very manageable for your warbands. I have Hundred Years War miniatures from Perry that I have been slowly assembling specifically for Lion's Rampant. I have dreams of having crusader and dark ages armies too.

The one rule change I really like is an option to change how activation works. In the previous edition, if a unit failed an activation roll the player's turn ended. So a bad roll on the first unit prevented any other activations from being checked. Now with the optional rule, the player can check activation for all of their units. I do not mind the original rule but it was a very frustrating one for many people because it often quickly ended a turn. And string a few quick ending turns together and the game is not fun if you are not actually issuing any orders, moving, and fighting.