Author Topic: Tuesday Newsday! Weekly dump of wargaming news  (Read 7167 times)


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The Educational Wargaming Cooperative have announced their finalists for EWC Challenge ’21.

Wherein we find...

The cabinet

Designed by mark leno, US Army War college

The Cabinet makes bureaucracy more fun (or at least interesting). Quick to play (four hours or less, one hour per turn) strategy game for 3-13+ players (recommend for 11-13) that teaches strategic planning, resource management, risk analysis, and negotiation. Players represent senior (cabinet) level agencies and must negotiate how to allocate resources between daily operations and potential foreign and domestic crises. The agency that fails the least wins. Suitable for both professional (educational and analytical) gaming and casual play by all audiences. No prior knowledge or experience with US government required, but simulates real cabinet level agencies and actual budgets using publicly available data.

How could I have missed this before. I'm not sure whether I want to download it and try to rustle up 11-13 empire builders or just have some kind of seizure.

Yeah, I tried to download it. Bad URL. Wonder if I could get Jim to run a game on Saturday Night Fights?

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