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AARs / Re: Bison's Tales of Hobby Crafting
« Last post by bob48 on Today at 11:48:07 AM »
AARs / Re: Bison's Tales of Hobby Crafting
« Last post by Bison on Today at 11:44:55 AM »
Life has been very busy the past month and into the next couple as well. However, some progress has been made in the hobby arena. The horses have been completed and work on the riders is ongoing. Built a few more of the English models for the Hundred Years War armies. The biggest update is the table "dream" has become a reality minus the window. I will post photos later.
Brant, that looks very interesting. Thanks for posting the links.
If we talk about the history of games, I would like to talk about the history of cs go.
The Modern World / Re: Enemy Action:Ardennes
« Last post by Staggerwing on Today at 06:41:00 AM »
I suggest that maybe JD do his 'pal' a great big favor and sit in on a session with Bob instead, so he can, you know, make sure his 'pal' will like it...
The Modern World / Re: Assault - Red Horizon 41
« Last post by bob48 on Today at 06:35:20 AM »
Units in the game are at one of five levels of experience, and this is indicated in the game by use of round 'experience level' markers placed under the unit. The default level is 'regular' and such units do not need a marker.

Each level of experience has a different effect, and this is summarised as follows; note that these effects are cumulative.

Recruit: Blue marker – Attacker automatically gains a 'X' (suppressed) symbol when firing against this unit.

Regular: No marker, no special effect.

Hardened: Green marker – gains 1 blue defence die.

Veteran: Yellow marker – gains 1 blue attack die.

Elite: Black marker – This unit ignores suppressed symbols.

Some formation cards will indicate if that formation has an experience level other than 'Regular', in which case, the units in that formation are all given the appropriate marker.

When playing the campaign game, core units may gain (or lose) experience levels depending on if or not they survive the individual scenarios. Any such change of status will be explained in the individual scenario details.

All this is just one more set of variables that make this game so fascinating and adds so much to its replayability.
The Modern World / Re: Enemy Action:Ardennes
« Last post by bob48 on Today at 06:02:15 AM »
Trust me, he'll love it.  ;)

There is a Vassal mod available with just the 2 training scenario's (at present). If your, ahem, pal wants to try it out, I'd be happy to run through it with him :-)
The Modern World / Re: NATO Designer's Signature Edition
« Last post by bayonetbrant on Yesterday at 08:31:18 PM »
I wonder if you can just use the Medium Surprise scenario from the old rules?

Bruce still has seats in his game tomorrow morning.  You could sign up to play and ask him then :)
The Modern World / Re: Enemy Action:Ardennes
« Last post by judgedredd on Yesterday at 06:36:03 PM »
I've enjoyed reading about it. It has got an interesting system.

................if you want a small unit tac game, then 'Assault - red Horizon 41' fits the bill nicely  ;)
I was going to wait on my pal getting it to see what he thought  ;D
The Modern World / Re: Enemy Action:Ardennes
« Last post by bob48 on Yesterday at 04:57:38 PM »
Better late than never :-)