Author Topic: History of Video Games... not just technical advancements  (Read 1578 times)


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Some interesting reads over at ROMChip, including the article about Civil War games by Pat Harrigan, who is one of the co-editors of Zones of Control and had appeared with us on a previous podcast

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Brant, that looks very interesting. Thanks for posting the links.

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Hey!, now this has me wondering upon them "Arcade Video Games"  such as a 'Tank'(or 'Auto Race')-kind where up to '8'-players would participate, and with them 'Tanks' then you could have "Teams" of up to '4'-each. There was a 'Battleground' selected/chosen for this, just as the 'Auto Race' had several 'Courses/Tracks' over which you will proceed. Yet another was where you "Flew" an 'Airplane' along the 'countryside' with what appeared as 'Model Kits'-"Targets". Also was another 'Plane' type that had yours "Bomb" many 'Ships' and it may have been called as "1942/1943"(?) Still, there have others with a "Commodore"-console system and were they even being given 'considerations' as well? I've played "Battleship"-(where you'd 'Battle') on a 'Play Station', or "Panzer/Allied General" and when they 'advanced' unto PC-sort UNTIL that stinking 'XP' precluded these from being utilized any further.  >:(