Author Topic: ASL Lovers...why ASL?  (Read 4565 times)


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Reply #60 on: June 18, 2022, 04:42:17 PM
So I just made a minor error. It's quite laughable, but it looks like I might be getting into ASL, despite my best efforts otherwise.

I did a trade in which I'm getting, among a couple of other games, one called Operation Neptune. I totally missed that it's an ASL module, but it's not a big deal I suppose.

The other two I got are not ASL-related.

I'd ask, where would I begin? By getting the Starter Kit #1?

One thing I've learned from watching ASL players is that you'll really benefit from a good storage solution. I'd suggest something like...

"Man...knowing how to use the cards properly certainly changes how I play the game" -- judgedredd