Author Topic: Expanded Exquisite Specific 'Scenarios' Acquisitions Applications *Thangs*  (Read 2882 times)


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Hoi of y`uns, so, is there anything akin for that 'Games Genie' device, where it could 'create' additional 'Scenarios' of certain 'titles'? I was recently reminded with plenty of 'Games'-(NES--SNES assortment) thatLACK shorter/selective examples where their 'Mechanisms' are demonstrated! Sure, you can SAVE a few, once you'd 'made' them, while some require longer-plays if you cared to endure thus. For one instance-("Give Me Liberty"--A.W.I.--'Koei' SNES) ONLY presented their 'Siege of Boston'-ongoing as its 'onset-up' and you can't "relieve/replace" 'Gage' UNLESS you're 'quitting' with their 'A.I.' taking over!