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on: September 29, 2021, 10:58:35 AM

Greetings fellow gamers!

You are invited to the first U.S. Army Fight Club showdown. The event is hosted by Army University out of Fort Leavenworth Kansas.
This is a VIRTUAL event. You are welcome to participate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a Google Chrome browser.

The event will take place on Saturday, 16 October 2021 from 0900 (EDT) until complete (likely all day).

We will be playing Battle for Moscow (BfM) on VASSAL. VASSAL download instruction and BfM rules are below.

Please RSVP (individual player or team) no later than Saturday, 09 October 2021.

Send all questions and comments to MAJ Wayne McInnis at

Hosted by Army University


VASSAL is here: 1) Click on “Get Vassal”. 2) Bottom of GetHub page click on VASSAL download for your operating system (OS).
The Battle for Moscow module is the VPG remake with a chess clock:

Discord Channel:

Game rules:

We will also use the Battle for Moscow tournament rules:

You can practice playing Battle for Moscow against an AI opponent here:

We assume that everyone will be familiar with the necessary tools and game rules in time for the tournament:
--VASSAL to run the games
--Discord for communications; please use the name you used to signed up for the tournament
--Victory Point Games version of Battle for Moscow including tournament rules

You should practice starting VASSAL, getting onto its online server, and starting a game.
We will hold practice/tutorial sessions. Contact MAJ Wayne McInnis for details.


We have enough people that we will be running a Swiss-System tournament as widely used in Chess tournaments. As in a Round Robin tournament, there is no elimination, but you will not play every other contestant. Instead, contestants are initially randomly seeded against each other, and in subsequent rounds are seeded against players with a similar score. For more on the concept, see: tournament and

We will be using an Excel spreadsheet to manage this. The data for the tournament will be resident on one computer (MAJ McInnis) and shared out by Discord’s video sharing during play.

The Directorate of Simulation Education will have several people on tap in Discord and VASSAL to answer rules questions and resolve disputes.


We will award points based on the Battle for Moscow Tournament Rules, under which the winning side can score up to 4 points based on their performance.
Players will score 2 points if they are unable to compete in a round due to there being an odd number of contestants, known as a “bye”. No player will get more than one bye during the tournament.
**Both sides need to tell the judges the results of each round of game play. The judges can also be invited in to see the end-of-play game state.


We will run 5-6 rounds between 0900 and 2000 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which provides 90 minutes per round. Please be online no later than 0845 to help ensure we can start on time.  In practice, the judges will need a bit of time to enter game results and generate the next set of pairings, so players should aim to finish their games in 60-80 minutes. At 5 minutes per player turn, a game runs for 70 minutes. In our experience, the initial turns run slower and the later turns speed up.
However, this timing means that players assigned to be German should already have an initial deployment in mind, and that players should be familiar with the game. You can develop your deployment plan and practice with the Oberlabs online version of Battle for Moscow,

Other Rules:

Don’t be a jerk – which covers any and all behaviors ranging from poor sportsmanship to abuse of others involved in the tournament. We reserve the right to eject jerks from the tournament. U.S. Fight Club Rules – follow these rules.

Learn, Enjoy, Promote

G. Wayne McInnis II
Assistant Exercise Director
Directorate of Simulation Education (DSE)
Army University (AU) & Command and General Staff College (CGSC)

100 Stimson Ave
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
Office: 913-684-3042 / DSN: 552-3042

Eric M. Walters


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Welcome sir!

Random acts of genius and other inspirations of applied violence.


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Random acts of genius and other inspirations of applied violence.