Author Topic: Order of Battle Follies  (Read 1048 times)


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on: November 20, 2018, 05:09:01 PM
I just bought Order of Battle: EndSeig and the OOB Follies started.

First, I had to download a 2GB+ update to the OOB engine to get EndSeig to run.  Started the download and went to bed.

Next morning, extracted the file and ran the update.  Fifteen minutes later installed EndSeig.

And OOB allows you to migrate your end of the campaign troops from either Sandstorm or Panzerkrieg.  But neither core force was saved because that was not an option when I finished both campaigns since EndKreig had not been launched.

So now I can either:
a] Replay Panzerkreig importing my force from Blitzkreig to the end of the campaign
b] Using the Core force EndKreig has
c] Making my own core force, without the experience or leaders from my earlier campaigns.

I understand why they do this.  They update the engine with every release.  The core engine keeps getting better.  But I have to jump through all sorts of hoops to gain the benefits that I had from playing the other campaigns everytime there is a new campaign.  They even price these pretty reasonably ($15 for the download) so I can't really complain about this.