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Reply #30 on: June 14, 2022, 04:47:06 PM
Now resolve combat in the 6.3. Combat Effects Segment. I'll start from the left and work right starting with the Sniper.

Combat is resolved by adding up the VoFs on a location and all the defensive modifiers. In the Woods where the Sniper is, there's the following NCM for the Sniper
-1 Automatic Weapons VoF
+2 Natural Location Cover
+1 Foxholes
So we have an NCM (Net Combat Modifier) of +2

I draw an Action Card and look up the Combat Results on the left of the card and check what it says next to +2...


Now I work out the NCM for the Assault Team on the same card
-3 Sniper VoF
+0 Small Arms VoF
+2 Natural Location Cover
-2 Exposed
So the NCM is -3. The card result is


What's the damage

He's Paralysed and Pinned. Pretty useless now - but alive enough to keep the Sniper's focus.

NB Where there are two characters in the Damage section, you apply both if there's two or more steps. As an Assault Team only has one step, I only apply the first character. That's why you send Assault Teams ahead to scout where possible and not a whole/partial Squad.

Now the newly created Sniper firing on the Assault Team in the Open Fields

-3 Sniper VoF
+0 Natural Location Cover
-2 Exposed
+1 Cover
That's a -4 NCM.

I pull a card to check the damage and it's a....


What's the damage?

Paralysed and Pinned

Frankly I think this team is a goner. With +0 natural cover, they're unlikely to rally.

Finally, it's the German Squad and the US Assault Team in the Woods on the right flank

Germans first. NCM is...
+2 Natural Cover
-1 Automatic Weapons VoF
Giving a NCM of +1.
The result is


The Assault Team NCM is
+2 Natural Cover
+0 Small Arms VoF
So the NCM is +2 and the result is


Because they are pinned, both project a +2 All Pinned VoF - as they're both cowering behind cover firing over it without looking.

This is the battlefield at the end of Turn 3

And that's it peeps. I hope you enjoyed this and seeing all the mistakes that can be made - mainly due to a badly formatted and ambiguous manual. The BoardGameGeek boards are a godsend.

Thanks everyone and if you like squad games with seemingly unlimited replayability, proper use of a command structure and tactics and have a spare £70, do yourself a favour and pick this up. It's immense fun.

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Reply #31 on: June 18, 2022, 05:43:48 PM
Finally caught up with the rest of your FoF AAR. Very cool!  :applause:

Many thanks for showing us how the game is played. I've been looking at other examples of play and reading other peoples views on the game and they all echo your thoughts: a great game that is hobbled by poorly written rules. I will definitely keep my eyes open for a copy or a reprint from GMT.  :bigthumb:


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Or come to Origins and win a copy in the raffle! :)


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Reply #33 on: June 18, 2022, 07:17:09 PM
Or come to Origins and win a copy in the raffle! :)


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