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4X Gaming / Re: Stellaris
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Organizations, Vehicles, Equipment / Re: Planes!
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Awesome  :) :bigthumb:
The Modern World / Re: Crossing the Line
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Set-up for campaign game.

Online Games Wanted / Re: BLOOD BOWL -- The Emperor's OTHER Hat
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I think Cyrano and I need to, but I'm not on Steam too often - when I am and see him, he's doing TTS or something else so I don't want to bug him. I'm good with withdrawing if I need to.
Age of Gunpowder / Re: Napoleonic Rules Question
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Brant's trying to take Tolstoi's job! There can be only one Tolstoi!

Online Games Wanted / Re: Anyone want to play 'Napoleon Against Europe'?
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Welcome to ACD General Chaos!
Online Games Wanted / Anyone want to play 'Napoleon Against Europe'?
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Hi all. Anyone want to play? Its a 2 Player, Card Driven, Strategic-level Napoleonic Wargame.  We can play Live or PBEM and can use Vassal or TTS. I can also teach(but that might be best with a Live session). I might not know the rules fully, but I think I have pretty good understanding. And if there are two players interested, I can teach as the two players learn game as they play each side(noob vs noob). For online talk, I can use Discord, Teamspeak, or Skype. If interested, please let me know.
- Thank you very much Brant. I had a great time in my second ACDC. A designer like David Thompson with his By Stealth and Sea was my best moment of the weekend.
Also thanks to Cyrano, of course, and to Tim, Karl, Dave and to Scott Moore and his infinite patience.  :bigthumb:
Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend so much fun. I hope everyone had a chance to get some games in and enjoyed the best kind of convention we could deliver under the circumstances

Great job Brant, now I have to explain to the wife, those packages arriving in the mail  :-[