Author Topic: I am creating a web based wargame system. I would like to invite people to join!  (Read 3284 times)


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the site is You need to register It's free and shall remain that way for the foreseeable future.

The game is also open source I am not just creating a wargame but a wargame framework that is easily addaptable
to all types of game rules. Most of the games now are created by my game developer and friend. I welcome people that have
made dtp games to talk to me about putting it live.

Finally i have a youtube channel with tutorials, so you can see what the game is like. I recommend the move rules tutorial as they are the most complete ;)


If you are interested you need me to register you
I will need your email address. Email address are used only for logging in and resetting passwords.  I do not share that data in anyway.

I will need a username, this is what you will be visible as to others on the site, I need no space characters at this time.

FInally you can send me the password you would prefer. If you don't I will set it and email it to you...

Thanks I hope your interested. Thanks again.

Feel free to send me Personal Mail here.

David Rodal
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very cool....  and ambitious!

please keep us updated on how it goes :)

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Thanks for you interest.


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How do I register? Clicked on your link but was only given a Login option - which didn't recognise my e-mail address (presumably because I haven't registered).

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