Author Topic: FORT SUMTER: the Secession Crisis, now on Steam, crossplatform coming  (Read 3930 times)


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Playdek has had a decent record with its boardgame adaptations so far (though I wish they would bring full Agricola and Le Havre to PC, since they're a little cramped on my iphone.)

With the success of their adaptation of Twilight Struggle (...aside from abandoning the game after the DLC was released and so leaving some game killing bugs there, so don't waste money on their DLC for that game...), GMT commissioned them to start bringing more of their catalog to electronic gaming.

I don't recall if Fort Sumter is a GMT game, but it's by Mark Hermon who does a lot of GMT stuff so I consider this at least good practice for Playdek!

Anyway, this area-control card game (with some slight resemblance to Twilight Struggle) released on Steam yesterday.

It looks and plays sharp, although I noticed a Day 2 patch this morning for something. ;) Normally $10, it's selling for $9 as its introductory discount right now.

If you like this kind of game (card play for area control) then this is another one of those, with a very nice overlay of pre-American Civil War political flavor. I worked through the first turn of the tutorial last night. There are solo (offline) and multiplayer options available; also the map areas can be shuffled around between roughly-physical correspondence and topical correspondence (which is more useful but a little less flavor).

Crossplatform (android and iOS) hasn't arrived yet but it's on the way.

You'll need a (free) Playdek account for multiplayer, but y'all should have that already for Twilight Struggle and Lords of Waterdeep mp!  :biggrin:


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I've looked several times at the board game version of this but since it's card-driven it didn't seem like it had a lot of solo potential other than schizophrenia.  It is indeed a GMT game.

I have TS on Steam. Good to know there's solo play on this, I might check it out, thanks.


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It's a good board game. Even the wife liked it.

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- I bought FORT SUMTER yesterday on sale in STEAM.