Author Topic: TTS and VASSAL ( age of sail and kriegspiel plus ... tank duel )  (Read 24 times)


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By the format:

1/Tabletop Simulator

- Osprey's Fighting Sail ( light and straightforward fleet engagements )
- Oak & Iron ( i'm learning it, got the kickstarter a while ago. )
- Tank Duel ( the party game for wargamers :) )
- (under development and organization, own project ) "Battle in a Box" kriegspiel - light version ( this doesn't require TTS, just messaging like email, but if you want to have your own table to plot stuff the box will be made available )

1a/VASSAL ( i'm totally new to it )

- Flying Colors

2/  London timezone, so more pleasing for europeans, but stuff can be arranged to bring people together. So is just a matter of arranging people that want to try and play and organize a day.

3/  Can demonstrate rules of course, Oak&Iron not so much as i'm also learning, but all games we learn together. It is impossible to know all the rules all the time. Also if you like the game, buy the rules whenever possible and available. PDF versions are available from the editors and many times through wargame vault.

4/  AAR pictures for sure. No video streaming. Might record, edit and then ask for review and approval. If not, i'll simply delete.
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I'm certainly in your time zone, but those are not games I've played, so I'll need to look into them.

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Good stuff Bob. I'm quite flexible with evening schedules by now anyway, having always played games with players from both Europe and America continents

Here's more info:

Fighting Sail -
Flying Colors -
Oak&Iron -

regarding the kriegspiel, still being built, from the ground up, and is in the last stretch