Author Topic: "Death Ride of Lannes" -- Austrian team pre-game 2018 discussions  (Read 3021 times)


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Reply #30 on: October 29, 2020, 08:46:32 AM
{{Second half of the operational plan email}}


For the Front Claw Force, I designate Hohenzollen. He will take his corps in a large northern loop through Bavaria to hit Regensburg from the north, in a blitzkrieg.
Obviously you will be out of contact, and so must operate on your own recognizance, until we can reconnect at a Regensburg siege, and even then you may be out of courier contact at first. I have no concerns: with your experience and skill, I entrust you to sharpen and salt the front claws. They may be weaker than the hind claws and the fangs, but you’ll know what to do with them. Gross Gott!

(Note to self, calculate when they should no-sooner-arrive.)

Charles of the Eastern Reich

You forgot to include the email with the result of the bolded statement:

********************************* From JRP July23, 2018
After Neal's request it occurred to me I should send maps.

Hohen-Bart's 3rd Corps of newbies should arrive on-map on the 24th now (instead of the 23rd), to adjust for possible lag by 1st Corps on the lowest-quality road, and set up a roadblocking camp south of the hill, ready to help any assault (on your recognizance) from morning of 25th onward.


{{Note on my map it said JULY 24 not APRIL 24}}

************************ From Barth
Just a small point of order... you keep saying I'm arriving north of Ratisbonne on JULY 24, again written on my map....
I'm just saying that I'm not going to wait until then or I'll miss all of the fun.

I had already sent my orders to Control saying I like to arrive at the village NW of the "Pimple" that's N of Ratisbonne on APRIL 20, soonest I'm allowed. This will give me time to shuffle my newbies into place N of Ratisbonne without any fatigue.

I can delay that, but I think it's best not to.


********************************** From JRP
Since Cyrano is allowing us to chat a bit more after radio silence, on this topic:

My only concerns with arriving and acting as early as possible, are:

(1) You've got the newbie cluster. You won't have cav to help your scouting either. You're the surprise tyke-bombs (or the PzI and II blitzkrieg) intended to travel and hit the enemy with the least problem and most effect from the newbie divisions, while strengthening the other corps from the reorganization so we can hold out longer in a fight.

(2) We're not going to be in range to support you (including opening your supply lanes) on the 20th or probably even the 21st. If anything hinders our advance, it might be a lot later.

However, as long as you've got your situation in mind, then I give you full blessing to arrive and to operate as you will and (!!!most importantly!!!) have fun. {g} We'll help you when we get there.


********************************** From Barth
Archduke Charles

I am humbly at your service.
I shall delay my arrival time to the 21st. I feel that I do not want to delay it further in case there are complications with my own travel to the designated blocking point on the cross roads.
I shall endeavour to stay out of direct conflict until I can hear guns on the far side of the Danube.


{{Glad I didn't wait until the 24th... even of April....}}

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Reply #31 on: October 29, 2020, 01:06:34 PM

Agh, yes! -- I accidentally skipped that in my pre-game notesheet.