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If you happen to have a copy of GMT's 'The Spanish Civil War' tucked away then I would be seriously interested in it.

And now for something completely different!

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Sorry, no.  There was one called Espana 1936 in there but it went missing with 7 other titles.

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Some random shots from a few games I ran over the weekend at the Con. 

Tide of Iron.  Meatgrinder scenario.  My opponent played as the Soviets.  It was his first time at the con and his first time trying out wargaming (he got into the hobby via MtG, Euros, and Warhammer 40K).  He lost badly as he wasn't familiar with concepts such as overwatch, suppression, using smoke, etc but he seemed to enjoy the game and was disappointed to hear it was out of print.

Sails of Glory.  There's a guy who comes to the con every year and somehow manages to end up on my team.  Every year, he is somehow able to get himself into a position where I end up ramming him and sinking him, ruining the game for both of us.  I thought I was free of the curse this year as I made sure we were on opposite teams but a newcomer showed up and whined up a storm because he wanted to play the ship I was commanding.  I reluctantly agreed and ended up on the same team as Mr. Crashypants.  He took a frigate and I made sure I was well behind him.  He managed to get way out in front, charged 3 enemy ships of the line my himself, got blasted and (I still have no idea how this happened). somehow managed to do a 180 (I never would have thought it was possible to turn that sharply in SoG) and cut right into my line of sail whereupon I rammed into him, sank him, damaged my ship, and got sunk two turns later.  I really have to stop running this at cons....

Our three Spanish 1st rates are at the bottom of the screen (mine's in the lead).  Crashypants' frigate is in the middle of the map making a beeline for the HMS Victory while two other British Ships of the Line angle to cut off our rear-most ship.

Federation Commander.  I put a lot of work into designing this scenario and wrote up hidden mission orders/objectives for each side.  Play-tested it with several groups beforehand and everyone who tested it had a blast and said it was an excellent scenario.  Sadly, it didn't come off well at the con.  One of the players had a tonne of experience with Star Fleet Battles but had never played Federation Commander before.  They share a common lineage but Fed Commander is a much faster playing, streamlined (some would say dumbed down) reboot of SFB.  This player was commanding the main Romulan ship and he assumed that the shield reinforcement rules worked the same in both versions (but never asked for clarification about this).  Each turn, ships get an energy pool from which they allocate power to various systems such as weapons, engines, etc.  In Star Fleet Battles, you can save energy and use it to reinforce your shields when you take fire.  You can also do this in Fed Commander but to a much lesser extent.  Typically, a ship will get say 36 points of power a turn.  In SFB, you can dump as much power as you have saved into your shields to absorb damage so this guy saved up 20 points.  In Fed Commander, you can only buff your shields up by the amount of batteries your ship has (4 is typical).  Due to this misunderstanding, this guy put himself in front of two Federation frigates and ate 6 overloaded photon torpedoes at close range which crippled his ship and pretty much ended the scenario on an anti-climatic note.  Oh well.  At least it looked pretty and drew a lot of spectators...(especially with my little moon that lit up with different colours)

Despite a few setbacks in the big minis games I ran, I enjoyed myself quite a bit at this con.  I was able to sell off a good chunk of my friend's collection and get almost $4,000 for his wife.  Got in a really fun game of Ascendancy.  Ran a game of Pendragon which was fun.  Played the hell out of Down in Flames: Lock-On at the sales table.  Chatted with a lot of gamers and made some new connections.  Ate too much, drank too much, didn't sleep nearly enough, and won a free game as a door prize. Looking forward to next year.

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I would have loved to been there to watch Sails of Glory and Federation Commander.  :bigthumb:

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