Author Topic: "Quel massacre! Et sans résultat!" -- The 1807 Campaign SIGN UPS  (Read 253 times)


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OK, look, that 1809 thing is running at full tilt.

We ain't done.

But I've been getting peppered with requests for notice when the next "Flight of the Eagle" KS goes live.

So, the best way to do that is to sign up HERE and subscribe to the thread.  I'll keep the roster updated as we go forward.

To be clear, I am far from certain when it will start, but, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, start it will and it will organize here.  Preference, as always, given to those that have stuck with another before, but, again, sign up!

Oh, and let me know your side preference if you have one.



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Signing up.  :)


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Signing up.  :)

Bringing some of your students along too I hope?

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Signing up! Would love to be on the French side if possible (as might be discerned by my avatar).


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Please sign me up! I don't have a preference , I'll play either side.


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Well sign me up good sir. French would be nice if possible. Thank you


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Would love to be involved in the next iteration of this Kriegspiel ride...but this time...please for the love of God don't put me in charge...I must surely deserve a lesser role. More than happy to commit to a long game again and I would choose to fight for The Emperor!

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I would like to sign up please. I would prefer, (in order of preference) Russian forces, then Prussian forces and finally French forces. Like Hatricvs, I don't think I should be in a position of main leadership. A subordinate roll would most likely be best. Many thanks for starting another Kriegsspiel!





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Oh! Sign me up!  ;D


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Sorry for posting twice, but for some reason it keeps erroring and won't let me edit my previous post.  No preference on sides for me, no preference on position in command.


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I'm interested, if there's room and you need another.


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I am interested in playing in this game. I'll play either side.



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Not sure if signups are still open or not but I'd be interested in joining. That being said I'm a complete KS newbie and may need some guidance on how this all goes down.   :nerd: