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Week 7 - Steel City Madman vs Brick Layers

Week 7 and undefeated, the Brick Layers looked to cement their spot atop the leaderboard with a solid win to end the season. Across the pitch, the dangerous Steel City Madmen, looking to upset the apple cart and add some chaos of their own to the standings.

The Brick Layers looked to receive the ball to start the game and set up against a very forward and aggressive Steel City defensive alignment. Fra’gor was the only player in the chaos backfield, awaiting the kick. The Brick Layers were pumped to start the game and jumped off the line quickly, immediately taking advantage of the close quarters provided to inflict some initial damage. The kick itself flew far out of bounds and was a touchback.

Fra’gor ran up the right flank behind cover of blockers while his teammates worked on pushing back the human line. The humans quickly tried to recover,  but things started going wrong immediately. Steel City Ogre, Porkchop, stared dumbly at his minotaur counterpart, El Toro Loco. Meinholt Filibert made an aggressive block against Ulner Snout, causing both players to collide and fall awkwardly to the turf. Filibert was injured and would miss the rest of the game, while Ulner’s injury was more serious. Team doctors expect him to miss this game and the next.

Point-Fagors blitzed up field to clear up the man marking Mashg Paw and Fra’gor moved up to deliver a pin-point pass to the beastman for a quick score and early 1-0 lead.The crowd howled and the chaos team immediately set up to defend. The Brick Layers kicked it deep and Steel City tried to answer. The Madmen answered by knocking the entire chaos line backwards and down. Unfortunately they were unable to defend the flanks and the chaos beastmen were able to get into the backfield and disrupt the ball-carrier, Grantigor blitzing him and knocking him out. In his rush to get the ball, Grantigor slipped and fell on the turf, however, allowing the humans time and space to recover.

In response, the Chaos team started to punish the line and start pushing them steadily into their own backfield. The Chaos Warriors kept the line busy while the beastmen rushed to the ball in order to wreak havoc. The Madmen kept their cool, knocked most of the beastmen down, and started to make a move down their right flank. A mishap with a pass put the play in danger, however, allowing the Brick Layers to strike. With the ball on the pitch, multiple players converged and knocked down their targets. Grantigor was able to scoop up the loose ball, but immediately was tripped up dodging away.

Again, the Madmen responded trying to keep the chaos team at bay. More failed dodges stymied their effort, however, allowing the Brick Layers to start the beatings once more. Several Madmen were stunned or knocked out of the game by big hits, allowing Fra’gor to scoop up the loose ball and head up field. The inability to escape from Chaos players proved to be too much, with another turnover giving the Brick Layers open field to work with. Fra’gor moved up into open space and the Chaos team got to work hitting.

Point-Fagors caught Madmen thrower Eber Doolist with a blind-side hit, killing the player on impact. Fra’gor strode into the end zone untouched on turn 7 for a 2-0 lead. Once again the Brick Layers set up to kick, the weather picking up with a slight breeze and the ball landing near the middle of the field. Again, the Chaos team started hammering the humans on the line of scrimmage, pushing them back. The ball wasn’t effectively moved and the score remained 2-0 at the half.

The second half started with another Brick Layers kick-off, this time the Madmen responded quickly and jumped into the zone. It was a short kick and the Madmen started trying to punch a hole in the strong Chaos defense. The Biscuit picked up the ball and allowed his teammates to try and clear some space. Another blitz around the flank, Grantigor again, knocked the human thrower down and out, scattering the ball in the Madmen backfield. The ball bounced right into Grantigor’s hands and his teammates swarmed to mark as many of the humans as possible.

That was not enough as Jack Ham, human blitzer, was able to get a clean shot at the star Beastman and knock him down. The ball bounced to the turf, but the Brick Layers didn’t panic. The sheer amount of hits started to take their toll on the humans, with more players being stunned or knocked out. The ball was cleared of opponents, allowing Fra’gor to scoop it up and run into the open field.

With no one able to mark him, Fra’gor moved deep into the backfield while his teammates began to punish the humans once more with a merciless barrage of blocks.The remaining humans tried to escape, but could not get away, allowing Fra’gor to perform a quick victory dance into the end zone for the third score of the game, making it 3-0 on turn 12.

With five players out of commission (2 injured, 3 knocked out) and down by three touchdowns, the Madmen were trying to hold on for dear life at this point. The Brick Layers kicked it deep and focused on punishing the remaining six players and pressuring the ball. Point-Fagors blitzed John Stallworth, the sole Madmen backfield player, and pinned him up against the sidelines. The rest of the team started hammering the line of scrimmage and preventing the humans from helping their teammate.

Stallworth tried to escape coverage, but tripped and was knocked out in the effort. With nothing to stop him, Fra’gor scooped up the ball and tossed it downfield to a wide open Grantigor. The remainder of the team again started hitting everything they could. After some hits, Grantigor moon-walked into the end zone on turn 15 to take a 4-0 lead.

The Brick Layers kicked off for the last time to cheering fans. The fans at the Brick House came to their feat to support and salute the home team as they capped off an undefeated season. The kick went short and the Madmen were able to advance it past midfield for the first time in the game and the final whistle sounded to an even bigger cheer. The fans rushed the field in celebration as the Madmen were quickly ushered to safety.


TeamSteel City MadmenBrick Layers
Touchdowns04 (Fra’gor 2, Mashg Paw, Grantigor)
Armor Breaks5 (1 casualty - Meinholf Filibert)13 (2 casualties - Ulner Snout, Point-Fagors)
MVPMeinholf Filibert (Catcher)Fra’gor (beastman)

Injury Report

Brick Layers
  • Ulner Snout - seriously injured (MNG) by Meinholf Filibert T1

Steel City Madmen
  • Meinholf Filibert - badly hurt by Ulner Snout T1
  • Eber Doolist - killed by Point-Fagors T7

Next Up

  • Brick Layers (6-0-1) vs N/A
  • Saka Rauka (0-5-2) vs N/A


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so what's the latest? :)


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Reply #77 on: July 15, 2022, 02:25:27 PM
so what's the latest? :)

We finished...

And I am ready to do it all again!


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Same! We can probably recruit some more players too.


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Reply #79 on: July 20, 2022, 06:07:28 PM
I'll at least advance to the final table tonight and post the results.

A 12-member thingie would be fun.


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Same! We can probably recruit some more players too.

I have a friend who would be interested. (He's not a member of ACD, though.)