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Reply #45 on: March 07, 2020, 12:02:21 PM

I didn't see this post, because on that day I was on my way to attend a meeting chaired by MG George (head of CCDC, and the person featured in the article).

Funding for SLRC is part of my portfolio.  When it was at Dahlgren (about 40 miles away), I had hoped to get down to see it, but could never get down there.  I believe that it's now on its way to Yuma, or it may already be there.  I'm hoping to get out to see a test shot sometime this year.

Very cool, man.  :bigthumb:

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At one point in Vietnam, the navy looked at building a new monitor based on the British monitor s, Erebus and Terror.
The need for a heavy gunfire support platform was recognized.  An Iowa BB was thought to be Overkill, would have huge manpower needs, and be too costly.
Another option was a helicopter transportable gun like the railguns of WWI.  These would be moved to a firebase after a sturdy base was constructed/poured for each piece.
For various reasons, a BB was tried.  At. Least one admiral held out for a monitor using a spare turret for Nevada class with two 12 or 14 inch guns.

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