Author Topic: How much does the average wargaming nerd spend per year? survey says!  (Read 1460 times)

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They need to talk to more miniatures players.  I don't like to think about it too's depressing.


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When they first said the average I thought that was very high for me... then I thought about the past couple of years and I’m right on that average....  :o Do not tell my wife..... :notme: :whistle:

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The money spent average is not a great metric. He said 75% of the spending was done by 20% of the spenders. So what is the average for the majority of gamers? I don’t know but it’s significantly less.

Anyway most people spend more than $100 a month on discretionary activities easily.  Movies, eating meals out, alcohol, etc...

I was actually surprised by the nearly 60% of people buying from brick and mortar stores and directly from the manufacturer. I get the direct buying but frankly I have not been to many stores that sold historical miniatures or wargamers. Purely anecdotal observation on my part of course.